Making money with your blog, revisited

The more I think about it, the more I conclude that the easy signup for Adsense through Blogger is one of the best moves Google ever made. Not the best for the bloggers...the best for Google themselves.

Let's see, Google's payout per click comes in at about 10 cents. To earn the minimum $100 required for Adsense to pay you that's 1000 clicks. Now let's say you have a 2% click-through ratio (which is probably a fair estimate)...that means you would have to have 50,000 visitors to your site before you made the minimum amount.

Now, honestly, how many blogs out there have that kind of longevity? Maybe like 1% of the blogs? Most blogs probably make like $5-10 tops and fade into nonexistence.

So, what do you think happens to all these accounts with sub-$100 earning totals? Well, Google stuffs their pockets with those dollars of course! It simply does not make sense as a small-time blogger (from the blogger's perspective) to use Google Adsense.

Now, I have been very happy with AdBrite, you set your own minimum payout (mine is $5). Last month I made $35 and that check is en route to my mailbox. But, there are LOTS of ad companies out there, many of which have minimum payouts of $5, $10, or $20..a realistic total for a blogger.

Plus, now I am trying (use email address as your referrer if you signup). Where you get paid for writing short reviews to different products/websites (sometimes the reviews MUST be positive...other times you are allowed to honestly portray the sites). I am still waiting for my first ad to be approved (scroll down and try and guess which post it was). But, if this does work (and I'll let you know if it does), it is a great way for a small-time blogger to earn a few bucks.

So, if you are interested in making a few bucks with your blog, especially if you are just starting off, don't just signup for Adsense because it's easy, shop around and find what's best for you!


Image said…
Thanks for the info about Adbrite and Will check them out.

New to blogging and so a little direction is what I am looking for.

Trying to make some extra money for necessary total body lift surgery after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Hoping to step into extra cash were ever possible.

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