Finding cool things on the internet...

Ok, so this blog is all about finding OTHER cool blogs on the internet to read and check out. Well, I wanted to give you guys a heads up on a brand new product that will be coming out soon. A guy named Mark Seremet is working on what he calls a "discovery engine" named Repliqa that will find cool things on the internet based on who you are! It's not out yet, but it sounds like it could be an awesome advance in the area of killing time online :-) You can check out his blog, The Fish, to keep up with progress on this endeavour. He writes about this project, his other two companies, and other interesting things. Sometimes he gives away stuff (like an iPod Nano to the guy who came up with the name Repliqa for his company). Just make sure if this is a success that you don't completely abandon my little ole site here!


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