Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/31/2006

Epiphany Sanctuary
A review by Mimi Lenox from Mimi Writes

On a day when spooks rule and darkness reigns, let's reflect on a small corner of the blogosphere known as Christine's Epiphany Sanctuary. Ahhh.........that's better. 'Creating sanctuary for the spirit, both inside and out' - that's her blog claim to fame and she doesn't disappoint.

Christine loves plants. Did I mention Christine loves plants? Let me say it again. Christine LOVES PLANTS. Listen to this author talk about plants........"Calla lillies, white. I love the old fashioned calla lillies. I pine to have a creek running through a genteel-countryside half-acre, lined with calla lillies and moss and ferns, very sheltered under large trees."
I told you her blog was a sanctuary.

She has plants I never heard of. Plumbago. Portulaca. Freesia. She gets downright personal about these babies. Plumbago caused her to soulsearch and 'seek gardening counseling.' And no wonder. She stops to photograph mischievous squirrels, possessed trashbags that dance and will call you a Lawn Nazi if you mess with her garden.
She scampers around in the middle of the night in the rain scavenging for mystery flowers, surprise flowers and believes said flowers go to Flower Heaven.

Did I mention Christine is creating a prayer garden around her house? She tends her garden like she tends to her soul. Contemplatively and with prayerful creativity and sincerity. What makes her blog special is that once you spend some time there you really feel like you're in a warm lovely corner of the universe where petals are precious and cats named Mackers are human. She will share her faith with you, bare her very tender soul and all the while make you think she's just a hippie girl full of serendipity and spunk. Well.....she is! You'll also enjoy her wacky brand of humor and down-to-earth opinions

So don't worry about those ghosts and goblins tonight. Come sit awhile in the Epiphany Sanctuary and tell her Mimi Lenox and Bestest Blog sent you. The picture shown in this post was taken in Christine's own backyard where in her words, "The glory of God can be found everywhere."
I see it. Don't you?
We are in a sanctuary you know.


Christine said…
Gee, I'm all teary-eyed! I'd like to thank the Academy, Mimi of "Mimi Writes", and Mr. Bestest himself, Bobby.
Also Morgen over at "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"~ can't leave him out, he's the one who told me about this place!
Kaimor said…
Hi! Interesting blog! Have a look at mine and let's exchange links Nice working with you :)
Morgen said…
What a Halloween Treat!
Congrats Christine!
♥ ~ Mo
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World
Tom Atkins said…
Christine's been one of my favorite bloggers for some time. Glad to see you folks recognize her. It's not just her garden, but her comnbination of faith, humility, humor and real sharing that set her apart.

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