Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/30/2006

The TouchWolf Institute
Today's final regular Morgen Monday here at Bestest Blog brings us GhostRose's The TouchWolf Institute.

GhostRose is a fiction writer in the UK, who is an intrepid young Blogger. One of the first people to switch to Beta Blogger, she is an excellent source for HTML questions to be answered -- such as how to put a photo in your title bar.

I thought her site would be appropriate for the day before Halloween, because her site is decked out for the holiday, and along with being a writer she is a poet, astrologer, and Tarot Card reader.

Speaking of Halloween, check out her Halloween Meme, where -- despite her Blogging name of GhostRose, she says she's fearful of ghosts! Much of her writing has a supernatural theme to it, and she is going to be one of the Bloggers who will be participating in NaNoWriMo, (National Novel Writing Month -- where writers attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days!), which starts on November 1st. A brave soul, she plans on posting her NaNoWriMo writings as she writes them on her Blog. I look forward to reading what I'm sure will be a supernatural thrill ride.

So get into the Halloween spirit and scare yourself over to The TouchWolf Institute. Make sure you tell her that Morgen and Bestest Blog sent you over for a ghoulish good time!


rose said…
Now that is a review!! Please note that my NaNo novel will be posted at Touchwolf Fiction, not at the Touchwolf Institute people!
R2K said…
I think if you turn off comment moderation people will be much more chatty! :)
Morgen said…
Congrats Ghost Rose!
I saved you for the day before Halloween, because I think you have a wonderfully appropriate site for this spooky season!
Happy Halloween!
tthe laughorist said…
Congrats on your bestest blog accolades.

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