Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/27/2006

Terra Incognita Julie from "Flip This Body"

I love Chavie's blog, Terra Incognita. It rules.

Chavie (who goes by the moniker "csmc") is a cool former-Chasidic Jew chick, living the swingin' singles life in Seattle. She is an artist and a recent weight "loser." She chronicled her weight loss in a blog called "Success on the Horizon", while maintaining a separate blog for her artist endeavors called "My Own Superhero". She recently decided to put it all together to form Terra Incognita, which is now a nice balance of the two.

The look of the blog is sharp, clean and artistic - you don't even see any links until you scroll all the way to the end, which makes the blog seem more welcoming and easier on the eyes. When reading it, I often feel like I'm reading my own writing, except a little more sophisticated, trendy and intelligent. Her posts are always written well (you'll rarely see "filler" blog material) and the content is personal, thoughtful and funny. You feel like you're having a conversation with your hip alternative friend in a coffee shop in the Village. (No, not The Village. THE Village.)

One of Chavie's more entertaining and thought-provoking posts centered around our youth's obsession with MySpace. Another entertaining post focused on her obsession with video games. You just never know what you're going to read next! Whatever the post, Chavie is a talented and interesting person, so you know you can count on her writing to be a great read.

So check out Terra Incognita and tell her Julie from Flip This Body sent you, via the Bestest Blog in the Known Universe.


csmc said…
Well I finally got my post up for today! It's been busy and after reading such a great review I wasn't quite sure what to say other than: "Is it just me or is it suddenly rather warm in here?" Thanks to both Julie and Bobby for featuring me as Bestest Blog of the Day. I feel super special to have joined the ranks.
ghorbanian said…
very good blog.
txdave said…
hey Bobby

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