Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/26/2006

Totally Biased Book and Movie Review
Finally, a review site that is honest about their bias. I think that most all reviews that biased, but reviewers like to think of themselves as "unbiased" and "objective." Not Meowkaat, what you see is what you get...and that's detailed, honest reviews.

She has developed the "Reading Rainbow Level of Goodness" for rating books as well as a movie rating system.

But Meowkaat has gone beyond reviewing books (like this cheesy vampire novel) and movies (like a recent favorite of mine, Little Miss Sunshine). She has also been reviewing TV shows (like my favorite, the Lost Season 3 premiere), a weekly Sunday blog review (like former BBOTD winner Who Are We), as well as other randomish topics (such as the life of Steve Irwin).

This is a great site because not only if you like books and movies...but also because you get to learn more about Meowkaat personally by how she feels in her reviews...instead of the standard personal blog "here's who I am and what I did todtay" format.

So, check out Meowkaat's "Totally Biased Book and Movie Review" and maybe she'll review your blog this Sunday if you ask nicely!


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R2K said…
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Ignaz said…
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Save Sheila said…
I want to nominate Bond's Big Leather Couch ( as your next bestest blog of the day. I just found it today and it's pretty good! An alternate (or one for next week) would be . He's a nurse in Houston and some of his posts are hysterical (not politically correct, but hysterical anyway).
Jessie said…
This is a great blog! I read it everyday. MeowKat is great!!
Meowkaat said…
Thanks Jessie- it was nice to see a comment that wasn't an advertisment. :) Do people really click on those links, do you think?
By the way, I tagged you quite some time ago, young lady and I have yet to see results. Even if you can't get pictures to upload, i wish you'd do the amazing thing.
You can see it on my blog at recent posts "A picture Meme"

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