Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/24/2006

The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile
Mimi Lenox from Mimi Writes peforms a lobotomy on Michael's brain. Pass the scalpel.

First of all, his head is in an X-Ray or is the X-Ray in his head? Who knows! And just exactly what is ticking inside that blue brain of his? The title to Michael C's blog would lead us to believe not much, so I decided to perform a lobotomy and find out for myself......I found funny. Sometimes sane. Inquisitive. Overly ordinary but not ordinarily so. He confesses to being a die-hard NASCAR fan, family man, BBQ lover and aspiring comedian. Blaming his penchant for humor on an overdose of Letterman and SNL, I'd say the only operation he needs is a good publicist. Enter "Blog Nothing" - his outlet for down-to-earth ramblings and everyday mirth.

I noticed Michael's blog this week when I read an article on Morgen's site in which he answered 7 Silly Questions. (which goes to show it pays to participate in the blog community - you never know who is lurking about) It's hard to hold your own with the King of Silly but Michael royally managed to unseat the Morgenizer by sharing his special brand of silliness. Michael has been getting around the Blogosphere quite nicely these days - he also came in 2nd place in the WIKI contest and kindly visits other blogs to leave comments and encouragement. I see his blue brain everywhere! He's a team player of no ordinary wit.

Michael doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles on his blog but that just wouldn't do for a blog about nothing worthwhile, now would it? Although his pictures are fabulous! He's an original blogger in the truest sense. That's why I applaud his faithful posts; he lays it all out there and isn't ashamed to admit he has a lot to learn. Each Saturday he hosts a segment called "Things I Learned This Week."
Here are a few things Michael is teaching all of us. According to Michael, "It's education, sometimes insightful and always pathetic." He's discovered many of life's great and earth-shattering lessons: eating oreos in bed is a bad idea, co-workers often have unkind words for Michael, (sometimes they only think bad things but that's OK because remember, Michael's head is an X-Ray which apparently gives him special mind-reading powers), never cuss around a four-year-old and botulism begins in the back of the refrigerator.
Poor Michael.

I'd say he's definitely become a blog addict right along with the rest of us. He has to stay up nights thinking of these clever titles. He begins articles with intriguing questions I just can't seem to resist. Like this smelly pumpkin patch post , interrogations with watermelon researchers and who could resist this title? "I just cut my finger off but the bases are loaded." (Michael is always in a fix or musing about one quandry or another).

Click on over to The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile. Tell him Mimi and Bestest Blog of All-Time sent you. You might just learn a thing or two from Homer Simpson's skull.
Gee.....he's soooo transparent.


Michael C said…
Mimi and Bobby: Thank you so very much for the nod to my website. For an aspiring writer who wants to try and make people laugh, you made my day many, many times over!!
R2K said…
I see that home simpson head in my dreams now.
Anonymous said…
Really nice post, mims! I will definitely check out this blog!
thethinker said…
Yay! Another one of my favorite blogs wins again. Congrats Michael.

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