Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/20/2006

A Homesteading Neophyte Julie from "Flip This Body"

Phelan, author of A Homesteading Neophyte, is a 28-year-old All Natural Foods employee, loving wife and stay at home mother of 3. This brave woman packed up her family and moved to a run-down farm in the middle-of-nowhere Kansas to start living the homestead life. A homesteader lives the life of agrarian self-suffiency. Basically, that means you depend on yourself to make all of your own food, clothing, etc. Or at least try your best to not depend on any store-bought items to get you through your day.

And she's done a marvelous job so far! Although her blog is what she calls, "a beginner's tale of mistakes," Phelan seems to really be getting into the swing of things. She cans her own food, raises her own goats and chickens, and is building her own underground home this Spring. And, in the little spare time she had left, she writes her political leaders to ensure a brighter future for her family and land.

I really admire Phelan for her bravery and chutzpah to live this kind of life. And she writes with such humor and heart that you really feel her struggles and triumphs with her. So check out A Homesteading Neophyte and tell her Julie from Flip This Body sent you, via The Bestest Blog in the Universe!!!


At least it's nice to know you're appreciated.
R2K said…
YES! Thank you for posting the homesteading page!

For several years I have contributed to Peace and Carrots, a great project.
Phelan said…
Thank you Julie and Bobby.

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