Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/17/2006

Spluch Mimi, from Mimi Writes.

Where can you find articles about Shakespeare, a city made of biscuits, strange vertical coffins, and bookmooching?
Spluch finds them for you. The weird. The wacky. The entertaining. The educational. Bookmooching?!?
When I'm weary of memes (did I say that?) and need a break from serious blurfing, it's always nice to click over and find the not-so-serious.
Complete with concise and colorful pictures to accompany well-written snippets of interesting facts, this blog is a diversionary delight. The editors of Spluch are careful to credit story and image sources, too, providing more in-depth information in case a particular subject strikes your fancy and you'd like to read the full article.
Here are a few that struck mine.
For all you science fanatics out there how about a house that grows? Want to learn about extrasolar planets ? It's all here and more.
Feeling hungry? Take a trip to southwest China's Chingqing for a Guiness World Record feast.
Spluch saved me hours shopping for that memorable Christmas gift for Mom. She'll love this engraved ivory handcrafted cellphone for a mere $23,000. I'll take two. Thanks, Spluch!
And what could you give a bride who wears a wedding gown made of flour? How about a sofa shaped like intestines. Educationally crampy (ha!) and comfy.
Now that's just plain weird.
You can bet your sweet cream puffs I'll be back to visit Spluch. One more thing. If you're in the mood to spruce up your blog, click here and learn how to create your own seal. Spluch can proudly add Bestest Blog of The Day to his.
Spend some time with the Spluchsters today and tell them Mimi and Bestest Blog clued you in!


R2K said…
Spluch what a name!
Franco said…
Anonymous said…
Did you say ivory handcrafted cellphone? I thought that was illegal.

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