Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/13/2006

Parlancheq Julie from "Flip This Body"

I have always found ParlanCheq's motto, "Blogging in lieu of cracking up", very poigniant. Sometimes you just gotta get those thoughts out into the blogosphere so you don't go crazy with them stuck in your head! And, boy, am I glad she does, because this is some funny shiite!

ParlanCheq's blog (aptly named, "ParlanCheq") is mostly comprised of funny, strange, interesting and sometimes bizarre tidbits and topics. Of her list of "Subject(s that don't) Matter" (aka her beta blog's labels list) you will find such subjects as AIDS, Barbie, Abortion, Falkland Islands, Home Decor, Juice Bar, Race, and (of course) Random.

I love it when she posts crazy pictures and a witty comment to go with it. Like she does here, here and here. HAHAHAHA! This is one funny chick!

My favorite thing about her blog is her ability to take a news-worthy event and give us a sampling of the general public's reaction, followed by her own opinion on the subject. She recently blogged about the hypocricy of the What Would Jesus Do website selling Lance Armstrong yellow wristbands at a "reduced price" of 6 for $12, when the market price for Lance Armstrong bracelets are $1 each. (WTF???)

So stop by Parlancheq's blog if you're up for a quirky, insightful and gut-busting read. You'll be glad you did! And make sure to tell her Julie from Flip This Body sent you, via The Bestest Blog That Ever Was!!!!


R2K said…
Morgen said…
Yay Parlancheq!
I told Julie & Mimi in an e-mail the other day: I can't believe Parlancheq hasn't already been Bestest!
Well, congrats on this deserved Bestest!
Mi Nueva Mente said…
Julie said…
I think I'm jinxed! Why do my Bestest Blogs always drop off the face of the earth as soon as I nominate them???
SecondhandSmoke said…
this is unrelated, but I couldn't get to the comments on your link page. I did link you though, hope you'll return the favor.
First of all, thanks Julie for the nomination! Second of all, thanks Bobby for hosting Bestest Blog! Third of all, thanks Morgen for your nice comment.

Now that my thanks are out of the way...what are you saying Julie (in your comment)?? Am I now going to fall off the face of the earth? (Yikes!) Or were you afraid I already had?? Now mind you, I would not have missed posting yesterday if my ESP powers had told me that I was about to be nominated - I do try to get something new up there everyday - but I am still very much on the earth and will do my best to keep the posts coming. So thanks again for the honor. :)
Julie said…
Oh good! I was worried! After the 2:00 hour and no word from you (in post or comment form) I was really worried that you were either hit by a hurricane (poor Irene!), your community shunned you into exile (poor Lue!) or any number of crazy things my wild imagination could come up with. I'm glad you have broken the curse! :-)

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