Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/12/2006

Truth—-The No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone guest blogger LAEvanesce from "LAEvanesce: Musings and Opines"

"Dedicated to truth, whether politically correct or not, right wing or left wing. Less spin than Bill O'Reilly, more politically incorrect than Bill Maher. The enemy are the demagogues, in both parties. Truth in politics, news, and entertainment."

In the political world, there are viewpoints, complexities, and constant changes. Rock's blog, Truth—The No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone, covers all three, and with gusto.

Enter Rock's highly developed world. Key political and cultural events are addressed in daily posts, something that takes a whole lot of work to pull off in the political category. It's tough to keep up with the change, but Rock makes a great effort. Also present are guest bloggers, daily webcomics and quotes of the day, a poll, extensively linked sidebars, and a blog ring.

Note this: "Both Liberals and Conservatives are Welcome." That said, regardless of your political beliefs, venture on over to Truth--The No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone, courtesy of LAEvanesce and Bestest Blog!


Deborah said…
Teehee. I likes the comic strip, although I really don't keep up with current events, so I don't really get it.
Flynn said…
cool see my blog at
Serena said…
on an unrelated note bobby, -- which i stumbled accross on the random blog button, is no longer blogging. ;P
Don said…
The best political blog I've ever read, bar none.
Fred said…
I thought I'd hate this site. I started reading it, though, and it's really an amazing blog. I agree with about 20% of what this guy says, but he makes me think, and I learn a lot--he even got me considering some of my positions over again. Great site!

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