Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/11/2006

Fungi Thinking
I've preached time and time again that I think all blogs should have a focus, a topic. But, it wouldn't be a true blog if you didn't as least delve into personal affairs a little bit, Lord knows I do from time to time here. Today's choice is just that. A personal blog with the added bonus of a focused topic: Mushrooms!

Yes, mushrooms. And no, this isn't some druggie's blog about which mushroom's are the best for hallucation and crap. This blog admires mushrooms for their beauty and diversity.

Every week, Laura posts a picture of a different mushroom and challenges her readers to identify the mushroom in question. Winners receive a link in her sidebar and brownie points. "Disclaimer: Brownie points are non-exchangable, non-refundable and may be slightly different to what you're imagining. You may only 'feel' a brownie point in the sense that you obtain a warm glow of knowing." If you're weird and you think you might want to learn all about mushrooms without any of Laura's personal stuff, you can visit her sister blog "Name That Mushroom".

Ok, are you ready to identify some mushrooms and earn links and brownie points? Each one of these links is to a mushroom that has yet to be identified.

One thing I've tried to reward on my blog is uniqueness. And Laura's blend of personal blogging and fungi blogging is about as unique as it gets! So please check out "Fungi Thinking" and tell Laura that Bestest Blog sent ya!


Mr Jordy said…
I Loooooooooooove to eat shitaki mushrooms.

Mmmm. I'm hungry now
Nate Smith said… blog has no real focus (except that it is funny every day) and does not delve into my personal life. No wonder I haven't ever been voted Bestest Blog of the day.

But wait a minute, this blog doesn't ever talk about your personal life...have this blog ever been voted Bestest Blog of the Day?

Nate Smith
Anonymous said…
Cool blog, not so much a mushroom lover as the above reader but dig the site anyway. Check out my blog at and read "It could happen to you" because it could happen to you. Nowhere near as cool as your page but provides some insightful info none the less. Peace.
R2K said…
Mmm I like all kinds, the small ones in soup are the best.
Eleanor said…


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