Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/09/2006

These Are Me Thinks Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"

Today's Morgen Monday comes to us via a tip from Allie D at Memoirs Of A Gouda. She clued me in on the fascinating writings of Army at These Are Me Thinks.

These Are Me Thinks is a blog full of great reads about a witty guy named Army (short for Armstrong, his last name -- his first name is Chris, so when he refers to Chris in his posts, that's him, too).

He calls his faux-fiancee Feyonce, and their pictures of their un-engagement in a park are hilarious. He peppers his blog with Darned Good Thoughts such as Mental Manufactory (i.e. creating bird-bath shaped cocktails in "The Bird Bath"), Mythology Of Life (i.e. visiting an abandoned mental institution in "Shadows"), Vignettes Of Time (i.e. glimpses into his creative writing such as "Still Spring After All These Years"), Philophasterings (i.e. "Solutions To Problems That Don't Exist" ), and Stuff I Claim To Have Created (i.e. "Art Therapy"). He drives a Mini Cooper named Tyler, and has even organized a Mini Cooper Club that appeared in a 4th Of July Parade!

Army has been blogging since the fall of 2005, and clearly a man of many talents, this beautiful little poem gives us a glimpse of Autumn:
I mistook a leaf for a butterfly
fluttering toward me.
Beckoning, the tree invited me
to witness the sky falling
toward winter.
This is a great blog to settle in with on a rainy day. Gather up your mouse, your clicker-finger, and a mug of your favorite steamy beverage, and settle in for a good, long read. And if you want some techno-fun, click on the refresher icon on your browser and watch the tag-line above his blog-title change!

Congrats to Army! Visit him at These Are Me Thinks and tell him that Morgen and Bestest Blog sent ya!


Allie D. said…
Ugh... I'm sorry I recommended him. This is SO going to go to his head. Can I take it back?

Army said…
I'm so excited and honored to join the ranks of wonderful bloggers that have been featured on this site! I'm so happy that Bobby and Co. have helped to pull us all together : )

Now, go get addicted to my website and tell me how great I am!

Peace out,
Bar Bar Butt said… is the greatest blog of them all. FACT!
Morgen said…
Nope, Allie -- no takesies backsies!

Congrats to Army on Bestest Blog Of The Day!

~ Morgen
Julie said…
Thanks for the congrats Bobby! And the future wedding gift! I'll take it!!! :-) xoxoxo

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