Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/06/2006

A Chuisle Mo Chroi Julie from "Flip This Body"

Macoosh's blog, A Chuisle Mo Chroi, (pronounced "ah kwish-la muh kree" - literally, "the pulse of my heart", an Irish term of endearment) is full of heartfelt and funny stories from an American theatre student pursuing her Master's degree in Dublin, Ireland.

Macoosh (<---not her real name, but a nickname from her father) explains in her first post how she got to the point where she wanted to start this blog. As a struggling actor in New York, Macoosh became frustrated with the life of an actor fresh out of college. As an actor myself, I could totally relate to this passage, "My little pipsqueak of an apartment was not large enough to hold my hopes and fears, and the fears grew too big for me to control. I had to work 70+ hours a week at a death-trap of a coffee shop as a manager to pay my bills. Therefore, there was no time to audition. There was no time to perform without pay in order to be noticed. There was no time to actually live."

So Macoosh decided to live. She applied to grad school, packed up her life and set out on a 2-year adventure to University College Dublin to fulfill her dream of always wanting to live in Ireland. A very brave choice, if you ask me.

Her adventures span from everyday living in a foreign land, to obtaining part-time employment as a foreign student, to her often exciting and thought-provoking theatre courses. Recently, Macoosh blogged about her class's meeting with director Julie Taymor (of "The Lion King" broadway fame) and I am very jealous!

Overall, Macoosh's blog is funny, lighthearted, and introspective - all qualities I look for in a blog. And she's a Lost fanatic, so I think I've found my soul mate! (she's planning on weekly Thursday post-Lost reviews, as am I, so tune into our blogs on Thursdays if you're into Lost...)

So check out A Chuisle Mo Chroi, and tell her Julie from Flip This Body sent you, via The Bestest Blog. (Editor's (aka Bobby's) Note: This was one of the very first blogs I linked to, so it's certainly very encouraging to see that blogs, new and old, are always being noticed)


COxford said…

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C. O.

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