Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/04/2006

Foxxfyrre's Black and White Art Blog (aka Graffiti My Blog)
So, when I started this blog and it gained popularity, some people began submitting MULTIPLE blogs at a time. Frank was one of those people. Well, I came up with this rule in my head that "Ok, they can submit more than 1, but I'm not gonna let them win blog of the day more than once." Well, I had already featured Frank's "Honk 'n Holl'r" blog awhile back, but he has made a new innovation with his other blog that I cannot resist.

His blog started off as a place to host his black and white drawings which was pretty cool(hence the name). Then Frank had the novel idea to let readers submit drawings about their blog they had done against a brick background.

So all you do is go to this website, download a blank brick wall file, go into MS Paint and draw away! Then you email Frank your drawing and he hosts it as a link to your blog. Frank's motivation was to get people drawing and being creative and in return it's a GREAT way to promote your blog and you come out with a pretty cool picture that you can host on your own. Frank even writes a bit about your blog to go along with your awesome drawing.

I plan on making my brick wall soon and I hope you do too. I promise I'll get to it soon Frank (along with the 2 memes that Morgen and Julie have tagged me with). So check out the "Graffiti My Blog" as invented by Frank and tell him Bestest Blog sent ya!


R2K said…
Yay glad to see you up there FX... Been reading it for a min. or two.
Jessie said…
I love this blog! I made a wall a couple weeks ago and it was fun. It looks kinda wacky but it was a cool thing to do. Frank had a great idea when he came up with this!
awesome choice! good job!
Julie said…
You asked for it, you got it, Bobby! :-) I love how Morgen and I are flooding you with memes, now that we know you are one of us (not to say we considered you an "Other" or anything...I'm so in the Lost spirit!!)

Yay Frank! That blog is a great idea and it was really fun to participate. I recommend everyone try it!
FoxxFyrre said…
Thank's Bobby for everything.
I'm having such a good time with this project. Everyone that has participated has been just great. The walls that have come in, and some that I have still to post are just awesome works. Can't wait to see your wall Bobby!!
Thanks Julie, you've been just wonderful with your help and advice
Mo! said…
Now THIS is a good idea.
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Morgen said…
Yay Frank!
I think this blog certainly deserves the Bestest Recognition!
It's been great fun seeing everyone's graffiti walls, and making one of my own!
Now I need to make one for Daphne & Chloe for Purrchance To Dream!
I may have to check out Why Cats Paint from the library first...
Congrats again, Frank!
Emma said…
Hey/... I'm waited to be linked. Lol.
Reeholio said…
Well done Frank. I'm pleased for you. Does this make you the first 'double' BBOFTD awardee???

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