Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/03/2006

Jane Lake Makes a Mistake Mimi from "Mimi Writes"

Who is Jane Lake? Why does she speak in third person? And why does she make mistakes? That's what I wanted to know!

"I am leery to start a precedent that has a good intention when it may lead to opening Pandora's box," she writes.
Could have fooled me.
Refreshingly honest and not always politically correct, I found Jane's writing hard to ignore. From her first post I was hooked and wanted more, more, more of Jane - a four-letter word you'll hear often on her site.
This twenty-four year old blogger from New York definitely has my attention.

No mistakes here, folks.
This is a top-notch blog. From the layout to the meticulously placed ads and pictures, right down to witty and provocative snippets of well....Jane.
It all works.

In Jane Lake and Size! she perfectly segues from the silly "Would you step on a bug, or does it matter how big it is?" to the seriously controversial "How small does a baby have to be before you take away its right to live?" without missing a beat.
Tender topic or unapologetic opinion, I often found myself thinking "Hmmm…..she does have a point." Her posts start with humor and end with a punch (sometimes the other way around.)

Jane Lake and Spinach! asks the burning question, "Why can't E. Coli be more selective and attack turnips? Nobody in their right mind likes turnips.." then compares the recent spinach scare to a possible terrorists conspiracy theory (!) ending with a whambam reference to Popeye (my childhood hero) – all in one smart post.
I found myself laughing out loud and scratching my head.

In one witty article after another, Jane Lake meets Hillary Clinton, de-stresses with Tom Cruise, sings with Elmo, blasts Mel "Gibberish" and doles out some real depressing statistics about real men that made Mimi shudder.
Thanks, Jane.

But I wasn't depressed for long after reading about friendship and her fresh-faced take on the real world in corporate America - then depressed once again by her painful observations on artificial intelligence and humanoid computers!

But, that's OK.
Jane Lake Makes a Mistake may be a roller coaster; but it's a nice roller coaster.
I, for one, will be back to ride again. I hope you will do the same. Please don't forget to tell her Mimi and Bestest Blog sent you!
Congratulations, Miss Jane.


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