Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/02/2006

The Adventures of the S-Team Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"

Today's Morgen Monday Bestest Blog Of The Day for October 2nd is "The Adventures Of The S-Team." This is a Lego cartoon blog, by E-Dog Blogger Ian.

The Adventures Of The S-Team details the hilarious exploits of a band of Lego superheroes who have such super-duper powers as Sand (Sandstorm), making themselves into a Stonewall (that would be Stonewall), the Ability To Break Stuff With His Head (Shellshock) and then there's "Smokescreen, the team's resident Jamaican, can create clouds of smoke. And he's also an amazing snacker."

The most current adventure arc has detailed Sandstorm's mishaps with The Mammalizer, which was Science Guy's attempt to help the dairy industry by increasing, well, mammary propensity. Sandstorm Mammalized herself, thinking she would get a new super power (other than Sand) and to her dismay, ended up very well-endowed. Especially for a Lego figure!

The link here is to Ian's S-Team Adventures Blog page, which he describes as the "extras" features, as if the S-Team were on DVD, you can find the actual comic here. Interesting comments by the Creator, background, and just plain old humorous insights into the making of the S-Team. On the S-Team Blog, you can click on the numbered headline (i.e. #96) to take you directly to the comic the blog entry references.

So go check out The S-Team, and tell E Dog, Sandstorm, and the gang that Morgen and Bestest Blog sent you to check out the Adventures!


Peanut said…
I have a new blog,
it will be replacing my old blog, Peanut, Peanut Butter.... Jelly!
Dr. A said…
Great choice. Thumbs up!
thethinker said…
Great pick.
Fuck You Google said…
Haha, "Smokescreen."

I'm sure that's not implying anything.

Can't go wrong with Legos, though.
Orhan Kahn said…
A recommendation well worth. Ian puts alot of effort into his work!
Yaxlich said…
Yaxlich found the comic very funny and thanks Morgen for nominating it. Obviously he also thanks Ian for writing it too.

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