Bestest Blog of the Day: 08/25/2006

I Am Woman, See Me Blog
This personal blog comes to us from Lizza who hails from the Philippines.

Many (but not all) of her posts shed light on life in the Philippines. She mixes these excellent posts with the perfect blend of posts on other topics. Her posts are always short and to the point, yet still very informative.

One things I really find great about her site was a feature she does entitled "Blogworld Saturday." Here she takes a sampling of the blogs she links to and reads regularly and writes up a sentence or two about what kinds of things they wrote about that week. Many of her regular readers were very thankful for the awesome blogs Lizza has exposed them to. You could all learn a thing or two from this idea (and hopefully a few of you adopt it and give Lizza credit)...IF YOU FIND A BLOG YOU LIKE, LINK TO IT AND TELL OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT IT! After all, that's what I do here and that's what Lizza is doing on her blog, in her own unique format.

Finally, I just want to thank Lizza for her dedication to Bestest Blog. She has probably visited and left a comment on about 90% of the "Blogs of the Day" that I've done since she joined up. Plus, many of the blogs she writes about in "Blogworld Saturday" are ones she found right here. So, thank you Lizza!

Lizza has been so kind to so many of you, I hope you return the favor and go check out "I Am Woman, See Me Blog". As always, let her know that "Bestest Blog" sent ya!


Michael C said…
I really like the look of her blog. Doing a summary/wrap up of other blogs in a neat idea to.

It seems like we all have our favorites to visit. Sharing them with other seems like the natural progression of that.
Mimi Lenox said…
This is truly the best of the blogworld. Sites like Lizza's give voice - and access - to so many people who otherwise wouldn't be read or noticed simply because of the sheer number of bloggers in the world today. I hope the blogs you list always remain high quality. That is a great plus here! An added bonus is that I've made new friends all over the world through commenting and reviewing others' writing/posts. As I said, the BESTEST BEST of blogging. BRAVA to Lizza!!
Mike said…
Congratulations to Lizza! I agree with everything you said and her blog is definitely one of my favorites, for those exact reasons.....
Reeholio said…
Ditto. Well said Mimi. Not only does Lizza write interesting, informative and and sometimes humourous posts, she also takes the time to visit and comment on many other blogs. Most of the blogs that I have enjoyed, and gone to leave a comment at, Lizza has normally been there just before me.

A well deserved award. Congratulations Lizza!
Ayman said…
I think you should give me a shout out for bestest blog son!

Lizza said…
Awww shucks.

Thanks to all of you.

And thanks again, Bobby!
Prometheus said…
Bobby dude, you have my respects. Every so often, its the jerks who get awards and the real good ones are left with just nominations. You changed all that, Sir Bobby.

Lizza's blog is my favorite haunt. And I'm proud that my fave haunt is now Officially the Bestest.

Liz, Prometheus is honored to know you.
Fuck You Google said…
Haha, great title.

I wonder, though...what is the greater percentage of bloggers?

Men or women?
Anonymous said…
hey, luv ya blog luv

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