Bestest Blog of the Day: 08/21/2006

Tripping on Words
"Who are Claire and Lara and Why Do I Care?" This is the title of the first ever post on this blog. The provided answer: "They are Travel Writers (among other things). They met at Stanford University, where they got degrees and tans (sometimes). They came up with the idea to quit life and start traveling for a year or so. In April of 2006, they started this trip. It will be going on until it ends. Until that time, you can read their blog."

Click here to view a map of the places they've already been. It's pretty incredible...and to think they're only in month 5 so far. The more you read this blog, the more amazing things you find. For example, I was just browsing through the posts and discovered that Claire's dad wrote the book about the Barry Bonds steroid scandal. Amazing...

Ok, here are some awesome posts I've collected about the various countries they've been to already: Spain, Italy, Greece, India, Turkey (posts are in sequential order).

Currently, Claire and Lara are current in the Himalayas and will be without internet access for 12 days (5 days more from the date of this post). But not only will Claire and Lara have this prestigious award to return home to, oh no no no. Their blog has also been featured in the "Blogs of Note" section on the homepage. That's pretty freakin' awesome! It's like being linked by (and linking to) a celebloggy (aka blog celebrity).

My only regret is that I didn't feature Claire and Lara's "Tripping on Words" blog earlier, because it is clearly deserving. So why are you still reading my stupid blog when you could be reading that of a "celebloggy". My only humble request is you let them know that "Bestest Blog" sent you their way!


could be the best blog...why not??

brye here

Irmão Colpani said…

Véio Rosa Brotherhood

heresy and subversion
Fuck You Google said…
Cool man. They sound sweet.
Julie said…
How funny! I just stumbled on their blog the other day...i think through the "random blog" button.

*sigh* How nice would it be to just travel the world for months at a time? Without a care in the world! Oh, the places I'd go! (Julie imagines herself spinning on a grassy hilltop) "The hills are alive!!..."

Oh well, back to stupid reality. :-(
indiateens said…
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