I just wanted to let everyone know that the mystery runner-up from the "Spread Your Smile!" contest was Heidi from over at "Leaving Las Vegas." Congrats!


Gary said…
Hey, Congrats Heidi on winning runner-up.

Also, I added a link to the bestest blog on my other blog

please add mine under the "funny" category.thanks
Mo! said…

never knew las vegas was that bad
sammygirl25 said…
i dont really know what im doing or what a blog is so like leave me a messag. thanks :)
I do love your blog. Keep it up. Thanks
R2K said…
Hehe vegas didnt win : (
andria said…
I blogrolled you on my blog. Here's my site:

Add it to children blogs.
Black Jesus said…
My child, Bobby, have you said your prayers and eaten your vitamins today?
COxford said…
In reply to bj.

I would be very fearful of this.

C. O.

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