Rerun Sunday: 07/30/2006

The Tome of Communism
I was surprised when I found out that this blog is run by a 15-year-old. Without insulting blogs by other 15-year-olds I've read, let's just say I think this kid could have a great career in journalism ahead of him.

This blog isn't about communism in the normal sense, but rather, as Woozie describes it, "everything I hate I deem communist." That's not to say that the blog doesn't have a political slant. There's lots of insightful, well-written, political stuff, like this Michael Moore piece; but there's other stuff, such as this hilarious video of Tom Cruise.

Unlike other blogs I've featured that I felt were very interesting, but didn't have the visitors they deserved, Woozie has developed quite a following already at his Tome of Communism and I'm just hoping to help add to it. So please check this 15-year-old phenom out and tell him "The Bestest Blog of All-Time" sent you.


Penrick said…
I was surprised at the age as well. i was leaving comments and then realized OMG - I'm talking to a kid.
Anonymous said…
I was somewhat surprised. I'm all for freedom of speech, but I found his blog offensive. I'm just asking for perhaps a disclaimer in the post.

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