Bestest Blog of the Day: 07/29/2006

Clip Frenzy
"Funny, Hilarious, and Crazy Videos From Around the World Wide Web." That's John's self-description of his blog, and I don't think I could put it any better myself. Well, funny and hilarious are kinda synonyms, so maybe I'd strike one of them...but anyway, I'm getting off topic!

This site is incredible...its layout is very professional looking (unlike mine, haha), the content delivers on the hilarity, there are even polls and forums to keep you entertained. All this site needs is the "Bestest Blog" touch to help get its daily traffic flow as high as it truly deserves to be!

I thought I'd include a link to a clip of each type of video promised in the description...
Funny: Dave Chappelle "Grand Theft Auto" Spoof
Hilarious: Will Ferrell/Christopher Walken "More Cowbell" SNL Sketch
Crazy: Amazing Ukulele Player

So, please please PLEASE check out John's "Clip Frenzy"...I mean I shouldn't even have to tell you to visit a site as great as this one, yet here I am anyway!


Andrew said…
So this is when you post the blog of the day. I found your secret.
Mo! said…
not bad

i've seen all the videos already though

congrats nevertheless;great idea
Michael C said…
The More Cowbell sketch is an SNL classinc. Danica Patrick even referred to it as why her car wasn't going fast enough before she qualified for the Indy 500. Of course anything that Christopher Walken did for SNL was great. Especially The Continental
R2K said…
Great page... But yes some new videos might be in order.
darkman said…
Check out my blog,comments welcome.
Andrew said…
Bobby, I went and checked out some clips ... entertaining stuff! Another great choice!
UB said…
hey - please link to my blog - Quotations on Education under the serious category. i've already linked to u. Comments are welcome
Shea Speare said…
Most of the video i have watched. Hahaha.

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