Bestest Blog of the Day: 07/26/2006

A World of Bloggers
This blog choice is designed especially for those visitors who are reading from outside of the United States (though, Americans feel free to check it out too).

Rhys has a bit of a link exchange going on at his blog, kind of like I do here. But he doesn't accept just any old non-porno, non-spam blog like I do. Rhys is looking to exchange links with exactly 1 blog from every country. (I say sorry to my fellow Americans because I have already claimed the USA spot).

Rhys really has a creative concept here, but is just getting started with only 4 countries linked at the time of publishing (USA, Bangladesh, Burkino Faso, and New Zealand). So there are still plenty of countries left...lots of ones I know I have regular visitors in: Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

So if you're interested in becoming the blogging representative for your country, or if you'd just like to surf some culturally diverse blogs, please visit Rhys's "A World of Bloggers" and tell him that the USA rep. sent ya!


Mo! said…
now THAT's a great idea

i wish i thought of getting one blog from each country

i hope he suceeds
Michael C said…
A great original idea. We never need governments to tell us all how to get along. The citizens of the nations of the world are much better at doing that!
Amanda said…
hope he gets there, it would be a very interesting blog
Becky said…
He's got a lot of countries left blank.... I wish him the best, he should do a rep for every state in the u.s that would be real interesting! I'm sure there is one in every state...
Michelle said…
Curses! I got there too late... damn you, people-in-the-UK-who-get-up-before-noon, damn you!!

Good idea for a blog, though. I'll be checking back to see how he's doing - it's looking a bit empty so far, but judging by the page hits even my seldom-visited blog gets from unlikely places like Iran, it might just be do-able...
Ayman said…
Keep it blazin!

Peanut said…
i started an entry like that, except it's for each american state & territory.
Peanut said…

please link me on this site.
A chuisle said…
hey, just wanted to let you know that my blog would probably fit best under "travel" since it's about moving to ireland and traveling around Ireland/Europe altogether. Thanks again, and I still think this is such a great idea!!!

-Macoosh:) (you have it listed as Reflection in my Irish Eyes under personal blogs)
R2K said…
This is a great one!

Id love to be his blog from america, but dont count on that : P
It's gonna take a while, but more power to him! And then, after that, he can break the world record for largest ball of belly-button lint!
i am from India, please link to my blog and i shall link to your's - my blog is - - The JOKES Blog - send me a comment that you have linked me and i shall link to you then.
Reeholio said…
Hi guys, thanks for all your great comments on my one day of fame that Bobby has created for me. The award has certainly helped my "A World of Bloggers" project get up and running.

Good on you Peanut for beating me to the US of Bloggers. I had thought about it but wanted to do this one first. Good luck there.

Dis. Cas & Other...Funny you should mention belly button fluff. At the end of each day I always end up with a little deposit of blue fluff there, even when I have not worn anything blue at all. Can't for the life of me explain why, but I think it is really funny all the same.

I had a laugh at your blog too. I have added a link to it in another blog of mine: Discoveries in the Bloggersphere


cyan george said…
Dear Bestest Blog,
I have placed on link to you on my page:
Please link me on your site under the Writing/Poetry/Fiction category. Title: The Sweetie Box
Donny said…
I love your blog. It's unique in a good way. Looks like you put alot of effort into it.
I also work hard on my blogs. If you like clean blonde jokes please visit my blog: I realy hope that you visit it. I also have 3 other blogs that link from that website.
Thanx I hope you see it and injoy it. And plz tell other freinds about it =?)
good job

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