Bestest Blog of the Day: 07/22/2006

Inspirational Wallpapers
I have a section devoted to Religion blogs, though I hadn't featured one yet! I figured it was about time...

This site is run by Cindy and it features a collection of wallpapers for your desktop of pretty pictures with inspirational bible verses. If you're at all religious, I'd recommend seeing if you can't find a nice landscape of a rainbow or a lakeside sunset with a quote that inspires you. Cindy has put together quite a collection, and of course, they're all free.

Also worth mentioning, Cindy is participating in the 2006 Blogathon on July 29-30. She'll have to make one post every half hour to "complete" the Blogathon. Cindy is trying to raise money to benefit persecuted Christians. If you're interested in sponsoring her, you can click here, or follow one of the links on her site.

Since I only do "Reruns" on Sunday, I thought I'd feature this blog about as close to Sunday as I could get. So, please visit Cindy at "Inspirational Wallpapers" and consider sponsoring her in the Blogathon...and tell her "Bestest Blog" is responsible for your generous donations finding their way to her!


Wow - you were my "next blog" today ... and you are indeed, quite the "bestest blogger." I don't think I've ever seen so many links!

Rock-on with all your bloggity goodness! :)
Will Powers said…
You have a fantastic blog going on here!
Grime World said…
lots of info keep it up.

check my blog
Mo! said…
how's the teaching job going

I might be a teacher too
NanaJ said…
Wow Dude

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