Bestest Blog of the Day: 07/20/2006

Anonymous Educator
I chose this blog in honor of a very important event that happened in my life today: I was offered a high school teaching position. Hooray!

This blog comes to us from my fellow teacher, known only as Anonymous. Though it is the summer, off-season for us teachers, so most of his current blogging is from the trip he and his girlfriend are on in Mexico. He even grew a moustache, but shaved it off under the pressure of his girlfriend (this is a funny story is why I bring it up).

I thought I'd include some of my favorite posts from back during the school year too: teachers hate parents, faculty party, 49 minutes of hell, and grade obfuscation.

Before you know it, the summer will be almost over, lesson plans will be being prepped, and Staples will be swarming with kids buying paste and other scholastic must-have's. So check out Anonymous from the "Anonymous Educator" as he tells stories that he wouldn't be able to tell if he used his real name (which is why you won't be seeing stories like the ones above from me!)--and tell him that the "Bestest Teacher Blog" sent you!


Mo! said…
Good bog; dry sense of humor
The Clown said…
Thanks for the listing. Already finding lots of hits directed from your site.... Had no idea that this could be so fantastic.... keep it up.... smile.
Lizza said…
Congratulations on your new teaching position!
ladyhustler said…
i added you as a link in my blog. hope to find mine in yours too!!! what a great idea :)

oh, put me under personals. :) thanks!!
Jen said…
I am digging this idea!;-)

I added you under my cool links!

My addy is:


figured Id put the codes in for you to make it a bit quicker!:-p

Thanks again!
Becky said…
Got another blog I linked you too, I call it, "post secret knock off" a blog where people can come post a secret without mailing in a card....

here's the link,
Melissa said…
Congrats!! A new job can be so exciting!
A chuisle said…
hey, congrats on the position!!!
dons_mind said…
Congrats on the new position - no job is more important than that of the teacher of our children. Do it well, please.......

ps - have had lots of hits from your link. Thanks!
Jen said…
OH!! And I forgot to say, I would love to be slotted in the "personal" category, in regards to blogs!

here is the link once more!

thanks a bunch!

Andrew said…
Bobby, You get a job, he gets to be bestest. A fair trade, I'd say. You obviously understand a few of the fundamental principles of life, including: "It's all about the people!" ...and: "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

Congrats on your new job!
COxford said…

Congratulations on your new teaching position. I've always said that it takes a special person to be a teacher. I couldn't do it. Wish you the best.

C. Oxford
Guy Ernest said…
Hey good blog. COngrats on the new posisition. Being a teacher can be tough.
Morgen said…
Congrats on the new job!
As you enter the hallowed halls of education, don't forget to keep posting Bestest Blogs Of The Day for the masses!
Dania said…
Congrats on the position!
Congratulations on your new job. I just discovered this blog and I must thank you for providing me with a way to find more things to read while I am at work!
chris said…
About the link exchange:

I'm new here. I like the idea of swapping links, so I put a link to you on my sidebar - hope you will reciprocate.

My spot is called

bright stupid confetti: a digital journal of arts
Great blog, keep up the good work

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