Bestest Blog of the Day: 07/19/2006

Flip This Body
Julie is a 27-year-old musical theatre actress from Chicago. She currently weighs in at 200 pounds. Her goal: to "flip her body" down to 140 pounds in less than a year.

Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight knows it's tough. So Julie is hoping that chroncling her attempt for loads of friendly visitors on the internet will give her the motivation to succeed--maybe she'll even inspire some others to lose weight too.

As with any good diet attempt, Julie has posted her "before" photos. She also has a little graphic at the top of the page to keep track of the weight as she drops it. By the way, the dieting system she is attempting is called Nutrisystem. While I don't know anything about this, Julie has a nice explanation of it here.

I know I'm rooting for Julie and I'm sure many of you will also be rooting after you read this. So, please stop by Julie's "Flip This Body" and lend her some words of encouragement. Maybe when she loses the weight, she'll throw all us "Bestest Blog" addicts a big party in the Windy City!


Mo! said…
Best of luck Julie. I tried losing weight. At one point I lost 100 lbs but I gained it back. Good luck
Guy Ernest said…
Wow it's tough for a lady to lose weight. All a guy has to do is work out and take weight gainer. But, in fairness, guys like women with a little extra. Whatever, I hope you do it. Remember, the heart is the most important muscle in the body.
Julie said…
Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. And don't worry - I already promised Mike I wouldn't lose TOO much weight. He also likes a little junk in the trunk ;-)
Lizza said…
You can do it! :-)
MBD said…
Yeah, keep some junk for your dude. The important thing is to get to a weight where you FEEL the best, both physically and psychologically.

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