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Tales of Your Local Animal Shelter
I love animals, especially dogs. In fact, my wife and I have 2 "dogters" of our own. That's why I had to write about this blog...

Paige is an English major, turned career Animal Shelter Worker, who blogs about her daily life on the job. As you may have imagined, it's not a glamorous job and there is a lot of sadness involved. From failed adoptions to the blatant lies people tell, Paige tells it all on her blog. She's only had one happy post so far, well "happyish."

Reading the truth about these poor animals makes you want to help them. Hopefully, I can help Paige raise a little awareness about what really goes down at these animal shelters.

So please visit Paige at Tales of Your Local Animal Shelter and thank her for all the great work she's done. And if you have any money to spare, please consider donating to the Humane Society.


Do you know that some investors just bought Petco? I thought that was interesting.
Midwest Product said…
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Midwest Product said…
I think your link exchange is brilliant. I put you on my blogroll in the hopes that you will do the same for me. I was, however, shocked to discover that you are not listed on Technorati; if you claim your blog there it can help track your number of incoming/outgoing links, and will also increase your blog's visibility by adding it to their search engine.

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