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Life is falling to pieces: an illustrated journal
When blogs first started out, before everyone realized the versatility they offered, they were mostly journals. The length of my "Personal Blogs" category shows that there is still a strong portion of journals out there. The main problem with a blog as opposed to a traditional pad and pencil journal is the loss of the personal touch.

Serena, however, has found a way to recapture the personal touch in her blog. Instead of typing out her daily thoughts, she jots them down on a piece of paper, complete with some impressive sketches, some personalized type-setting, and of course a mistake here and there. Then, she scans the paper and uploads it as an image onto her blog. GENIUS!

At the time of publication, she was already up to Entry #38 and posting new ones almost daily. If you'd like to start at the beginning, and I highly recommend you do, you can check out Serena's first post here.

So I implore you to check Serena's "Life is falling to pieces: an illustrated journal". Serena asks this question in her profile: "Holy crap, will anyone ever view this?" Well Serena, I can honestly say that after today, lots of anyones will view this!


ian said…
It's very cool.

Brian said…
Wow! If you like comic book style reading, check this site out!
Ayman said…
Keep it hot!
Claire and Lara said…

can you change my blog from humor sectıon to travel?

you have ıt lınked


please keep the other ( ın humor ıf youd be so kınd

PhoenixHearse said…
Excellent drawings, definitely a must-see.
Anonymous said…
Serena said…

¿ o_O' ?
Anonymous said…
soundz a good idea-am part of a course so will check it out further later.
Claire and Lara said…
what a great idea, serenav
Mistress Regina said…
One with such creativity would be a welcome addition...

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