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The Tome of Communism
I was surprised when I found out that this blog is run by a 15-year-old. Without insulting blogs by other 15-year-olds I've read, let's just say I think this kid could have a great career in journalism ahead of him.

This blog isn't about communism in the normal sense, but rather, as Woozie describes it, "everything I hate I deem communist." That's not to say that the blog doesn't have a political slant. There's lots of insightful, well-written, political stuff, like this Michael Moore piece; but there's other stuff, such as this hilarious video of Tom Cruise.

Unlike other blogs I've featured that I felt were very interesting, but didn't have the visitors they deserved, Woozie has developed quite a following already at his Tome of Communism and I'm just hoping to help add to it. So please check this 15-year-old phenom out and tell him "The Bestest Blog of All-Time" sent you.


dlkjdfsa said…
Hail to the tome, motha! :) Woosie is a brilliant writer and I also wouldn't be surprised if he becomes recognized as such.
Lord Omar said…
He has been known to steal my material, but it's all good ;-)
Woozie said…
Call it borrowing without permission.
reno said…
Hello !

Best regards from Belgium !

Woozie said…
Who oh who could be tomorrow? I'm sure they won't be better than me. Excuse me while I act smug ;)
Bobby Griffin said…
I try not to feature two comparable blogs in a row, so there can really be no fair comparison. But hey, it's fun to be smug every once in awhile!
Mistress Regina said…
I have been reviewing the Bestest Blog of All-Time site. It's excellent. This, though, I would have to say is a mistake.

Ladies,Goddesses And Bitches stands for freedome of expression. This particular pick of the day, though, is something that should not receive encouragement let alone help from someone that has a site growing in power such as yours.

One person's opinion.
true said…
That’s fine, I can accept that explanation, although it would have been even better received at the time when you erased my comment and not a couple of days and an additional comment later. I didn’t mean to sully the laughorist’s celebration, I was simply commenting on the most recent post, much as you did on my blog. It’s nice to see that you are very sensitive to the individual feelings of your blog’s readers, but that sensitivity seems to have been dormant when you chose to encourage exposure to a blog dedicated to making large groups feel sick.

I’m sorry but I won’t reconsider the link exchange. It should be clear by now that the only thing that would have changed my mind would have been if you had had a change of heart about the communist tome. I didn’t demand it because I’m not a terrorist, nor do I think that the absence of my link from your page will leave a dent; I know it won’t be missed for one second.

The understanding of how blogs can be used to spread hate, and how we should be responsible for stopping that hate in its tracks, well, this understanding can only come from your own realization. I can’t do any more than I have to convince you of this, and I’ve probably pushed too hard as is. You may not believe this from our recent exchange, but I’m a very un-political person and I have no activist streak in me. I would also never dream of supporting censorship in any form.

The ideal situation in my eyes would be for the kid who runs this blog to keep spewing away his hate on a daily basis, but for it to meet a great big nothing; an audience with no interest in swastikas or a running racist-commentary on the weather, zero comments on his page until the day he goes beyond his simplistic provocation tactics, both in imagery and in content, and provides readers with something of value. Your ideal situation is clearly not that; you would have a great many people visiting his site, rewarding his juvenile enjoyment of Hitler and letting him know they found his site through you.

For me it’s about myself and knowing at all times what I am a part of. In a way, leaving my link on your site implies I condone (or at the very least don’t detest) the communist tome. So I expect my link to be removed when you have the time.

Black Jesus said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Woozie said…
Well, look at all this controversy I created. Just because someone wants to freely express their opinions which go against popular opinion, they're automatically put down, huh mistress? I thought you and your blog stood for freedom of expression.

I realize this is coming (very) late, but True, I did not delete your comments, you did. And if you didn't delete them, then I have been hacked, which is unlikely. And I'm not dedicated to making large groups feel sick. All I did was voice my opinion, which last I checked is something I am legally entitled to do.

You know, it really goes to show what kind of a person you are by insulting me repeatedly behind my back. I know you don't care, but I had the tiniest sliver of respect for you before I read that. Now it is gone.
true said…
The deleted comments referred to above were on this blog ("The bestest blog of all-time"), and were deleted by bobby griffin. I know I deleted my comments on your blog, and I was not referring to that.

For someone who posts the swastika on an Israeli flag, you're awfully sensitive to anything posted about you. I don't think I was insulting you in my comment here, merely stating my beliefs. Nothing I said was personal against you, and yes, you do nothing you're not legally entitled to do. I never disputed the legality of your blog, in fact I stressed the opposite.

I don't mind your opinions at all. If I were to feel this way about every blog that opposed the war, I would have to spend every waking moment commenting on them, because when there is war people will oppose it and so it should be. Personally I’m not pro-war, I’ve witnessed up close and personal and know its horrors. You miss the point, the problem is not your opinions, it's your casual handling of hate-propaganda. It's right there in your blog.

You may be insulted by the fact that I detest your blog. I'm sorry, but that's got to be the gentlest way I can respond to a Hitler collage and a swastika on the Israeli flag. The latter, especially, is not an opinion in my eyes, it is hate, pure and simple.

Growing up, all four of my grandparents had numbers tattooed onto their arms. I am one of three remaining men on this entire planet with my last name, the rest were systematically exterminated. You may not think your blog is dedicated to making people feel sick, but it's accomplishing just that.

And you are right, I couldn't care less whether or not you respect me. Not when you don't respect the horrors that occurred a blink of an eye ago historically speaking. Comparing Israel to the Nazis is a disgusting rhetoric, ironically most often employed by holocaust deniers. It is ignorant to the worst degree, it belittles the enormity of what occurred and propagates a black-and-white understanding of the current situation, vilifying and dehumanizing Israel (because the Nazis were inhuman villains).

For your sake, I hope you never understand it for as long as you live.
Woozie said…
I didn't create the hitler collage, it's been floating around on the internets for awhile.

I do respect what happened in Germany not too long ago, it was quite the stain on human history, to put it lightly. But slapping a swastika on the Israeli flag was just my way of expressing myself, if it offended you then I'm sorry, but that's how I feel about what Israel's currently doing. Their aggression is reminiscent in my opinion of Nazi Germany's aggression against Europe, minus the genocide which is why the swastika went up. If it shows hate against Israel because it's a Jewish state (which in retrospect it does) that doesn't matter to me because it's not how I feel. They can interpret it however they want, I'll inform them on why I did it.

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