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Blogging For A Macbook
MacGeek is a college student studying computers. Yet he is without the computer he desperately wants--a Macbook. To get that Macbook, he's gonna do whatever it takes. Click here to check out his introductory post.

As I've said, I studied computers in college, and I DEFINITELY didn't have the best computer to do it with (nor do I have it now). I ended up spending most of my time in a computer lab working on my various projects. I wish I had had a sweet idea like this.

Now, I don't have much money to be throwing around toward his cause, but I figured I could perhaps help him get some donations indirectly by featuring his blog here. Though, if you're really itching to donate to a blog, I'd be happy to accept your donations for this one:

So, if you'd like to help a fellow blogger realize his dreams of owning a Macbook, check out Blogging For A Macbook and make a donation to him (or to me, haha). And tell Mr. MacGeek that the "Bestest Blog of All-Time" is responsible for the awesome influx of visitors to his site!


Nibbles said…
Uh, do you think my blog is good?
Guy Ernest said…
your blog is scary. i'm scared of rats. if that rat even thinks of touching me, don't go there.

what do u think of my blog
Grant Miller said…
I think this blog's name overstates its abilities. But I will link to you I suppose.

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