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Bitter Cup of Joe
When I first saw the name of this blog, I thought for sure it would be run by a guy named Joe...but I was wrong, it's run by Vinnie G. from Cleveland who explains that "A Bitter Cup of Joe is just what everyone needs to start the day."

Besides the daily rants Vinnie comes up with (like this funny yet angry one), Vinnie is chroncling his writing of a book. Basically, each day he has a predetermined amount of words he is supposed to write, and he tracks his progress towrads a total of 50,000 words in his blog. Turns out the protagonist is a werewolf!

I recommend you check out "A Bitter Cup of Joe" for Vinnie's (not Joe's) very active daily posting and tracking his book progress (maybe if enough people bug him about it, he'll post some excerpts from it!). Tell Vinnie you're visiting, courtesy of "The Bestest Blog of All-Time."


Brad said…
Well, I'll be damned. Brother Vinnie has hit the big time! Amen, ya'll!
Anonymous said…

I really enjoy reading your blog. if i were you i would go to and submit this blog so thousands can see it for free. well i look forward to all the updates, thanks again,.

Devi said…
congratulations for Vinnie! :)

I've visited his blog..
Anonymous said…
you have a cool blog!
you should check
out my blog! its new
and still in the works,
but maybe you'll be
-matt cooper
COxford said…

If you are looking for traffic from your comment, your either need to quit drinking or learn to spell.
Auto, Spelled A-U-T-O.
Just in fun.

C. O.
ian said…
Heya Vinnie-

I left you another comment on your blog. GL on the nanobook!

SplitHeart said…
I set up a permanent link to your blog on mine at
The category would be "personal blog"

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