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Never Too Old To Learn
The short and clever description of this blog immediately had me hooked: "A FACT A DAY KEEPS DEMENTIA AWAY."

In his blog, Kevin posts a fact on a different topic each day. And we're not talking some short little 10 word fact like they do on Snapple caps, these are interesting facts, with a bunch of good detail, and (the best part) helpful links to back them up and learn more.

At the time of publication, here were some of the recent topics that Kevin found facts about: Alaska , jet fuel, Mormons, The Mona Lisa, baby singing, Munchausen syndrome.

So, exercise your mind at Never Too Old To Learn. Don't be afraid to add some comments if you have a fact of your own on these topics, and as always, tell Kevin that "The Bestest Blog of All-Time" sent you.


ian said…
It's been said that one of the reasons the French Foreign Legion is so effective is that it is largely composed of non-Frenchmen. ;)

Stop by and say hello!
I added ur blog as a link on my page. kindly add mine under 'personal' category.
Kyle Saric said…
yeah i have to agree this Blog deserves an award for the 'Bestes Blog of the Dat'. It's helpful and interesting, but presented in a formal style which i like most about it. pleasent to read and good for your brain at the same time. way to go!
Shan said…
I really like Never Too Old To Learn, I just went through and read most of the articles. Good Bestest selection.
Polly said…
I have added your blog as a link on mine. Home Ec. for Grownups could be listed under "educational." Thanks in advance.
chumly said…
Bookmarked and made special.
Jen said…
check out my jewelry blog!
Donny said…
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