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Intelligent Technology
This is a perfect example of a really well-written blog with a lot of thought put into it, that (before joining up with my site here) not too many people were visiting.

If you enjoy reading about cutting-edge technology--you know, the kind of stuff that 15-20 years ago, most people would've thought was damn-near impossible--then this blog is for you. I admit that I'm kind of a techno-geek, so I really enjoy Brian's posts on topics like robots and softward applications.

One of my favorite pieces is a video he posted on self-replicating robots. Imagine a robot that was programmed to just create more self-replicating robots. You'd start with 1, then you'd have 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32, 64...! This kinda sounds like what happened to the human race in The Matrix.

So be sure and check out Intelligent Technology before you're a slave to an army of robots and give Brian all the friendly comments and reciprocal links that he deserves!


Omni said…
What I need's more like a "tech for girls" site... with stuff that's cute and not just new and fast.
TechnoBlogger said…
Hi omni! If you're looking for "tech for girls", you might find this interesting!

Female Robot
chumly said…
Will Video Blogs kill the well written blogs?
.:Infektia:. said… this blog@
Mohamed Taher said…
I have added a link in all my blogs, as you suggested.
The url's are:

Now, I need a logo for these blogs--to show and tell what I do. Let me know where I can find one.
Best, MT

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