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NNtB: Ringo's World
NNtB stands for "Not Necessarily the Blank," where each time the blank is filled in with a word beginning with the letter "B". Sometimes the posts are funny, sometimes they're angry rants, sometimes the topics are political, sometimes they're about movies or sports, but one thing is for sure, they're all very entertaining.

I really enjoy blogs where each post has a unified theme like this one and Ringo does a great job of coming up with new topics almost daily. Sadly, Ringo will be gone from August through October, so I wanted to be sure that all my readers got a chance to experience his blog before he left.

So, I suggest you go check out NNtB: Ringo's World and tell him that "The Bestest Blog of All-Time" sent you. Be sure to show Ringo some love and link him on your blog if you enjoy what you read!


Bull3t said…
I read over your blog, and I found it inquisitive, you may find My Blog interesting. My blog is about my day to day life, the latest goings on and any other random stuff I come accross, that you might like to hear about. So please Click Here to read my blog.
Johnny Ringo said…
Thanks for the honor!

Just for clarification though, the B in NNtB is a fluid thing that takes new meaning with each post, and the B that inspired the site stood for bullshit.

bull3t, I'm glad that my blog interests you. I'll give yours a look as well.
KILROY_60 said…
I was at ready to log in to do a bit of updating when I saw you roll by as newly updated...

Checked out the pick of the day; I like it. Wondering if at some point I might have something that qualifies as a Ringo Not Necessarily The Best pick...I wouldn't mind that.

Thanks for getting my link in place so experdiently here. As I've been visiting blogs concerning my Hitchhiker's Guide posts I've been mentioning - selectively - coming here to look into a link exchange. You're doing a great job.
foryoursuccess said…
An associate referred us to you. A link to The Bestest Blog of All Time has been placed at For Your Success. We would appreciate being placed among the Serious blogs.

Our endeavor would be easiest classified as a business blog. Our approach, though, is unconventional in that to be most successful in business you most be the best person possible. These are issues we seek to help people address in addition to traditional business subjects.
Pawlie Kokonuts said…
Johnny Ringo,
The Laughorist.
Anonymous said…
hello, i linked your blog to mine,
the purpose of the blog is to share visual stories of Ecuador and other countries i visit as a documentary journalist, visit the page and give me a comment.
take care
Vinnie G. said…
Hey there, I just placed a link to you at my blog Bitter Cup of Joe
Dave said…
hey great blog here. my brother (@ Irish Cartoons) showed me this site. there are lot of great sites / writers.
keep me busy for weeks!

i'm at The Snowman Blog
deejinator said…
One for you to take a look at would be DiaryofC.
Tee Foley said…
i love this site. u made me chuckle. surreal yet normal in a really cute and deep way. xxxx

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