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July 1st is finally here, and with it comes the inaugural edition of the "Bestest Blog of the Day." I've had a bunch of people tell me they liked my idea for this blog. Well, I LOVE jbwritergirl's idea for her blog. If the Daily Show were a newspaper, then this might be what you get.

On her blog, jbwritergirl makes up humorous news stories, because, as she puts it, "the real news sucks, scares you, pisses you off, etc." I'm not sure if she has a journalism background, but by the professional way she writes her articles, you'd think it was a quote from your local paper.

At times, I'd be reading through an article, laughing, and thinking to myself, "I can't believe that happened." Then I reminded myself, it didn't happen! These stories may be made up, but many of them definitely COULD happen.

So, I highly recommend you check out The "Not-So" News and tell her that "The Bestest Blog of All-Time" sent you. And if you enjoy what you read, be sure to add a link to her blog on your own blog!


jbwritergirl said…
Thanks for the shove!

And yes in real life I am a real reporter, thus the reason I had to make my blog anything but serious even though each story is actually based on real news happening all around the world.

JB out!
bethany said…
Oh thanks so much. I do think the wrapping was the problem. What I did in case any one else mails you the problem is. First I shortened my profile to reduce the wrapping then I saved new profile, then what I did was go into template and select new template. Once I did this my sidebar went back to the top. By selecting a new template you lose your custom settings ie: I lost my edit me link. So went to the template a re-did link to your blog and wallah it worked. Took a while but I got there.
Mr. Irish said…

OK ... I made the switch, thanks for straightening me out. Best of luck.

Celestino. said…
It's amazing what people write on their blogs.
Lara Baz said…
That blog it's really amazing!!
`Amy____ said…
Sorry, I kind forgot how to link to people...if you could take a sec to tell me that'll be great! ;)
Congrats on the free press! Can The Laughorist be far behind? And thanks for entering the E Pluribus Unum Humor Contest. Enter early and often, just like voting in New Jersey.

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