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So if you check my far-right sidebar (and let me just say, it was a bitch to figure out how to add that sidebar), you'll see that I'm selling some advertising space. First off, let me say that I am so happy that I found Adbrite and I'd recommend everyone to check it out if they want ads on their site. They also have contextual ads, just like Google Adsense, but you can't run both concurrently, it's against the Terms of Service.

Anyway, when I entered my site stats, Adbrite recommended I start ads at $5 per day, and maybe someday I'll be able to aim so high, but for now, I am starting the ads at 1/10 of that price, 50 cents. So if you want 2500 unique visitors to see your ad for a day (100 characters of text total) at a ridiculous bargain price, check out the links. Thank you!


TechnoBlogger said…
I know you like using Firefox, but you should take a look at your site in IE. The main section (where your posts begin) is being pushed just below where your sidebar ends.
Bobby Griffin said…
Ok, I think it's fixed (this post is being made from IE and it was all messed up for me too!)

But, really now, come on, who would ever want to use Internet Explorer when Firefox is a viable option?
Anonymous said…

eGlobalBrad said…
Maxthon is the BOSS when it comes to Browsers! :) Firefox is punie.
Great blog. Keep up the good work.
Nibbles said…
Ok, you've been added.
RZD said…
hmmm...good for you
need to make my blog work!

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