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-Flip This Body : Julie's weight loss journey, via Chicago theatre, Nutrisystem and hilarity
-Bicycle Diaries

A Back to top
-Australian Cricket 2006/2007 and Beyond
B Back to top
-Bhutan Cricket Weblog
-Bicycle Diaries
-Blogging the University of Memphis Tigers
-Boston Red Thoughts
-Buc Times
C Back to top
-The Commentary Box - Cricket Blog
-Crazy Bum's Free Daily Picks
D Back to top
-D.A. Humber: Baseball Central
-Dave and the Douglas
-Death Valley Ride
-The Diecast Dude's (Mostly) NASCAR Blah Blah Blog
F Back to top
-Figur8: A Woman's Passion for Sports
-Flip This Body : Julie's weight loss journey, via Chicago theatre, Nutrisystem and hilarity
G Back to top
-Gary Moller Online: Health, Fitness, Lifestyle
-Get Skinny With It
-Girlsfooty Kingston Park
-The Good Life
-Gooner 365
H Back to top
-The Hockey Dad
I Back to top
-Irish Universe
J Back to top
-Jason the Running Man
K Back to top
-Keep Hope Alive: A Cubs Blog
L Back to top
-LIFT - Think Fit
-Lords of Sports
M Back to top
-Mariner Enthusiasm and Random Fleming Thoughts
-My 3 Day Walk Training
-My Journey to ONEderland
-My Thoughts
-My Waistline Blawg
O Back to top
-Of Law and Badminton
-Old, Fat, Slow, and Out of Shape
-Out of Kilter
P Back to top
-A Pair and a Draw
-Pawn to Rook 4
-Pencil Thin
-Penn State Football News and Information
-Physical Strategies
R Back to top
-A Random Football Fan
S Back to top
-Soccer News
-The Sports Dirt
-The Sports Review
-Swordfighter's Corner
T Back to top
-Takin' It Off
-"That Boy Ain't Right"
-TKO'Meara's Sports Bar and Grill
-Total Physique Online
-Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
-TX Runnel Girl
U Back to top
-U-Turn: My Journey to Health
V Back to top
-Valentine's Views on Sports
W Back to top
-Weight Loss 'N Looking Good
-When One Wants to Lose Weight
-The Wonderful World of NASCAR
Y Back to top
-Your New York Knicks
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