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-Video Archive by Daniel Thompson: A collection of videos with cultural and educational value
-The Blog of Logs
-Pest Control Information and Facts
-Money, Matter, and More Musings
-Pay It Forward
-Mary Blogging Duffy
-Fungi Thinking
-The Gluten Free Post

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-Aching Back Relaxed
-All About Plato
-Ambitiously Inquisitive
-Another View 2
-Articles Are Online Gold
-Assertiveness Succeeds
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-The Bemused Muse
-The Biotechnology Initiative
-Blog 4 Bucks
-Blogs Apart
-Bringing School Home
-Brownies for Breakfast
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-Chicago's Home Weblog
-Children of Character
-College Problems & Answers
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-ESL Learner
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-The Feel Good Site
-Forex Trading
-Free advice on how to fix your bicycle
-Fungi Thinking
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-Gambling Systems Galore
Gaurav Malik's Vantage Page
-The Gluten Free Post
-Growing Great Ideas
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-Highlight Health
-History on Repeat
-Home Ec. for Grownups
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-I Write Here
-Information Visualization
-International and Comparative Librarianship
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-Learning Curve Coaching
-Librarians as Knowledge Managers
-The Library Diva
-Library & Information Science Quotations
-Library Technicians: Education, Training, Practice, Career, Jobs, etc.
-Living on a Budget
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-Mary Blogging Duffy
-Math Homework Help
-The Medical Journals
-Mentors, Masters, Leaders
-Mobil's Jipzee Cab
-Money, Matter, and More Musings
-My Simple Trading System
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-Name That Mushroom!
-Never Too Old To Learn
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-One Way Links
-Online Health Blogozine
-Orgone vibes ~ Vibrating Higher
-Orgone Soul Vibes ~ Echoes of the Future
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-Pay It Forward
-Pest Control Information and Facts
-Planet Insurance Zone
-Principled Discovery
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-Raw Food Chick Blog
-Refresh your Skills
-Renovating My House on the Cheap
-Resume Appendix
-Reviews From My Desktop
-Ripple of Hope
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-Science Banter
-Science Matters
-Self Esteem Awareness Blog
-Sewing Success Sewing Blog
-Shiatsu Log
-The Smart Zone
-Successful No Fear Speaking
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-Tonsillectomy at 37
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-Unique Cash Flow Creation Strategies
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-Video Archive by Daniel Thompson: A collection of videos with cultural and educational value
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-Web Success Marketing Blog
-The Weight of the Word
-Whispering Crane Institutes
-Whizzer's Place
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-You Can Do That
-You're Perrrfect For Me!
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