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Link Exchange (a win-win situation for us both!)

If you have stumbled upon this blog, whether it be by the "Next Blog" button, or by a link on someone else's site, I propose we do each other a favor. If you place a permanent link to my site (URL on your blog, I will return the favor.

Once you have a link to my site, simply fill out this short user name or password or anything like that required...just some quick info about your blog.

Now let me explain why you should do this...
(1) This site is visited by over 2000 people per day. Not only will I include your link in my directory for everyone to see, but I'll add you into the rotation in the "Random Blog" button for those people to click on! This button is clicked, on average, about 6000 times a day!

(2) By link exchanging with me, you become eligible to be the "Bestest Blog of the Day," where I will feature your blog with a nice big link at the top of the page as well as a short article about why yo…

Link Exchange Form

Thanks for agreeing to participate in the Bestest Blog Link Exchange. Below you'll find a quick and easy form to fill out. Notice that no user name, email, or password are required! I just need to know about your blog, know where you'd like your link located, and know where to find the link back to my site...
Blog Title (how you want the text of your link to appear):

Blog URL:

Choose a Blog Category:

PersonalBusiness/FinanceEducationalEntertainmentFunnyHobbies/ActivitiesMiscellaneous/RandomPersonalPets/ChildrenPhoto/VideoReligion/PoliticsSerious/NewsSports/FitnessTechnology/InternetTravelWriting/Fiction/PoetryForeign LanguageI don't know, pick one for me!

To join this link exchange, you must first have a permanent link on your blog to . Please give me a short description of where to find this link (e.g. in the right sidebar, about halfway down the page)...all links are checked manually.