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Congratulations to all the winners of Bestest Blog of the Year. The results are posted over my new blog, They'll soon also be taking over the area in the top left corner of the screen here. There were a few surprises, but mostly, I might've guessed a lot of the results before we even started! Way to go everyone!

Last day to vote...

Today is your last day to vote for the Best Blog of the Year contest. It's still a very tight race for many of the 105 blogs in the running! Be sure to check out (my new blog, not here). $50 to the winner, plus bragging rights (of course!) And lots of exposure for all the blogs in the top 10! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

I got a new blog...

...with a familiar name! Check it out here! I just posted a contest update over there as well! And I promise to keep it updated on a daily basis. And I got a partner who is helping me with this blog. And...well just go check it out.