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What to do next...

Well, I didn't even realize it until I saw that a few new people had left comments on the post below, but this site is back up and running. After 4 weeks of having my blog "under review" Blogger did absolutely nothing and let me have it again apparently. My instincts tell me that the people who are pushing for me to be the "Worst Blog of All-Time" (90 or so to date) are the same ones who "flagged" my blog and put it under review.

Before all this happened, I was planning a big comeback. I even did a guest appearance on Dr. Blogstein's radio show to talk about it. Now that I have access again though, I am not sure what to do. In the past 6 weeks I have began other internet ventures and have been quite enjoying them. Though I'd be hard pressed to equal the success that I had here during my hey-day, the sites are performing well for their early stages.

Again, if I begin operating this site again, I want to go all out. I'd like to set up…

Thanks Blogger!

For wasting 4 weeks of my blogging time when I was supposed to be making my big comeback! The least you could've done was shut me down permanently so I don't feel torn between coming back to work on this and the new projects I've started. Oh well, I guess I've got some decisions to make. More on that later.

The Big Comeback?

May 1st was going to be the date of my big comeback. Well, that day came and went while I am sitting under review (edit: for what turned out to be 4 weeks) for seemingly no offense. I miss my blogging friends, but I've also been learning a lot about search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and PPC arbitrage. If I do come back, at least I'll have a lot of knowledge to share with everyone!