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Thursday, April 05, 2007...
The Most On Topic PayPerPost Ever! [PPP] [-]
I don't think I've ever done a Pay Per Post that was as on topic as this one is. Scratch that, I know I haven't done one as much as this. This is the kind of site that if I had stumbled on to it outside of the world of Pay Per Post, I would've written about it anyway. Well, no harm in getting paid a few bucks to do something I would have anyway. The BloggersChoiceAwards.com site is web awards site where you can nominate your favorite blogs and vote for them. I nominated myself for the "best blog about blogging" and the "best blog of all time". What's that? You think it's a travesty that I'm in the "best blog of all time" category. Why don't you try googling it? You can vote for me if you want (or not)! I'm not exactly sure when the voting ends, but hey, don't dawdle. Get your site up there today. I am pretty sure this site is another one in the long line of Pay Per Post blogging off shoot pages (i.e. Rock Start Up, Blogs in Space, etc.) They do good work over there... I wonder when Pay Per Post will become a house hold name. Anyway, there are lots of categories besides the two I listed, like "hottest mommy blogger" and "worst blog of all time" (maybe I deserve the latter... probably not the former though).

posted by Bobby Griffin @ 5:30 PM   23 comments [-]
Wednesday, April 04, 2007...
Radio Show [-]
Tonight at 9:30 I will be calling in to Dr. Blogstein's radio show. If you'd like to read all the details about it, you can check out Dr. B's post here. This is my first interview of this kind, and I'm kinda nervous. But Dr. B is hilarious and I hope I can play off that a little bit to make some jokes of my own. If you can't tune in live, I do think the show gets archived. I'll be sure to put up a link afterwards.
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 4:12 PM   6 comments [-]
Musicians [PPP] [-]
Musicians Wanted at Music.com - Get Discovered! This is a great idea actually. I was in a band in high school (a very pathetic one at that, except for my one talented friend). So, what you can do now is upload your recorded music for free. They'll sell it for you, and just like videos on YouTube can somehow manage to get thousands of hits really quickly, this could happen with your song.

posted by Bobby Griffin @ 4:14 AM   1 comments [-]
Tuesday, April 03, 2007...
To Do List [-]
Like I said a few days ago, I'm compiling a to-do list of what I need to do with this site before the grand re-opening. I will add some things to this list as the days go on, and I'll cross them off as I finish them.

1. Update new link exchanges
2. Create banners for previous winners
3. Rework template a bit
4. Finish HTML coding
5. Get rid of un-updated blogs (>30 days since update)
6. Get rid of blogs who have gotten rid of me
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 4:35 PM   10 comments [-]
Game of the Month [PPP] [-]
The following is a ExecutiveGamingMonthly.com advertisement...
There's lots of gambling sites out there...mostly online casinos...they all claim to be better than the others. "We offer higher payouts!" "We offer a bonus deposit!" Well, this site can claim that they are better, because they're different. It is NOT an online casino. They sell gambling equipment to set up your own kinda private casino. Especially cool is their game of the month club. Tables, chips, slot machines, roulette tables...you name it. If I had to pick my favorite game for the game of the month club, I'd either choose their texas holdem or poker mania...what can I say, I'm a sucker for poker. Then for a third month I'd go for the blackjack, another one of my favorites.
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 3:26 PM   0 comments [-]
Monday, April 02, 2007...
Making money while surfing! [-]
Below is a repost for a company called AGLOCO. The reason being that when I first did the post, they were in a pre-release stage. Now, their ViewBar (the genius of the whole program) is due out in the next two weeks. So, this is your last chance to get in on the ground level:

This is not a sponsored post (it may be lengthy though, but I promise it is worthwhile). I am sharing this information because I think you'll find it very useful.

Agloco is a new company destined to help web users earn money while surfing and is FREE!! to join. If I had read about this company BEFORE I made $1400 (and counting) off of PayPerPost, I might be a little more skeptical...but now, I know that anything is possible with these Web 2.0 companies.

There are two ways to make money through Agloco.
(1) Surf the web like you normally would.
(2) Refer others to Agloco, and get paid for a percentage of the hours they surf.

So, the natural question you should be asking yourself right now is where is this money coming from? Well, while viewing the web, Agloco gathers certain information about things like which online shops you like. "Isn't that like spyware?" you might be asking yourself. Well, no! Spyware serves a similar purpose, but sneaks its way onto your computer and is very hard to get rid of. Agloco must be downloaded (so no sneaking), and even then it may be turned off or uninstalled at any time. Some companies are willing to pay BIG bucks to try and figure out the best ways to drive people to their site! I remember a site similar to this called AllAdvantage that I made $30 off of surfing the web when I was like 16...but that site doesn't have nearly all of the bells and whistles that this site does!

So, you wake up, turn the computer on, boot up Agloco and get paid while you check your mail, check out your favorite blogs, and maybe buy a new book on Amazon. Now, let's say you want to check your online bank statement, and don't feel comfortable having Agloco watch over you then. Simply, shut down the program, and don't boot it up again until you're good and ready!

The most genius thing about Agloco though is its earnings sharing. Consider this...recently YouTube was bought out for a price of 1.75 billion dollars (yes, billion with a B). The 3 gentlemen who created the website split it 3 ways. But, what about the initial users who told all their friends about YouTube and posted all their videos there and made YouTube the success that it is, rising above all its competitors? What do they get (besides free video hosting)? They get nothing! With Agloco, everyone gets a share of money generated through advertising and other means...now, certainly the creators will get MORE than the normal user (as well they should), but the fact of the matter is, they're sharing!

So, why not sign up and give it a try? It's free to join...so even if you are skeptical, this is a no risk situation here! Click any of the links in this post to join Agloco (while using me as your referral).
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 9:51 PM   0 comments [-]
Borrowing [PPP] [-]
The following is a PayPerPost advertisement...
Wow, what an ordeal trying to buy a house has been. It definitely been a learning process though. Too bad what I learned isn't at all applicable until the next time I buy a house again. Oh well, that's how it goes. It's extremely hard these days to get a loan. So, if you haven't been absolutely perfect with your credit history, do yourself a favor and read up on Loans and Borrowing Today before you try and do anything. The worst thing that can happen is you find your dream house and you can't get the financing for it. This site will help educate you so that nothing like that happens!
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 8:53 PM   0 comments [-]
I'm comin back and I'm comin back BIG! [-]
I decided that if I am gonna get this blog started again, I gotta give it my all. Before I can get it back into full swing there's a lot of little things I need to do first. So, what I am going to do is make a TO-DO list and post it as a sticky post. Then as I complete each task, I'll cross it out. I am aiming for a GRAND RE-OPENING of April 16th (I have the week of April 9-13 off, so that'll be perfect). I'll keep you guys updated as to what's going on, but with your response to my "How did today go?" post below, it looks like I'm primed for a big return. Keep your fingers crossed!
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 7:00 PM   8 comments [-]
Ask Mr. Video [PPP] [-]
The following is a AskMrVideo.com advertisement...
AskMrVideo.com is a cool new website. It's goal is to help you use the latest, greatest crazy of internet videos to help boost your blog, your website, your product, your WHATEVER! The coolest piece of technology in use over there is their transparent video...it's a video where it looks like its popping right out of the screen. This site is new and is offering a special deal for a limited time for new members, check it out!
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 4:09 PM   0 comments [-]
Sunday, April 01, 2007...
How did today go? [-]
Today was the first trial run on the preliminary new system. It seemed like a pretty good day from my end, perhaps not 100% of what we used to have yet, but maybe about 75% of the way there. I would love to hear from you guys if you have some access to your statistics. What I'd want to know:

(1) How many hits about you got today?
(2) How many hits you've been averaging per day for the last 4-6 weeks?
(3) How many hits you used to average previous to that per day?

Anything you can let me know will help me move forward at this point. As I said, it definitely looks promising from my end, I'm just waiting to hear from you guys.
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 6:45 PM   22 comments [-]
ETraffic Jams [PPP] [-]
The following is a ETrafficJams.com advertisement...
ETrafficJams.com is a search engine optimization company. One of the best ways to drive people to your site are search engines like Google and Yahoo and MSN. But not everyone that owns a website has the time or the resources or the know-how to get their sites ranked well in these searches. That's where ETrafficJams.com comes in. After a small initial set up fee, you pay for the results they get. They calculate these by how many keywords they get your site into the top 10 search for on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. A nice pay for performance plan to get your site into the top on search engines. After that, a nice steady wave of free traffic should keep comin your way!
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 6:02 PM   0 comments [-]
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