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Hey guys, today I am writing to tell you about a brand new email marketing application that is specifically designed for bloggers (and if you are reading my blog, it's mostly safe to assume that you DO have a blog of your own). The program is called Zookoda. So, why is this blog email so particularly attractive for other bloggers? Well, Zookoda allows you to send daily, weekly, or monthy summaries and collections of the latest posts of your blog directly to your visitors' inboxes. That's pretty freakin cool! Did I mention that all this is free? Wait, I need to put that last sentence again with the emphasis it deserves... DID I MENTION THAT ALL THIS IS FREE? This could definitely be a handy dandy tool to increase readership. Think about it... Someone comes to your blog and they like what they see. If you have a link and make it SUPER EASY to sign up for regular emails with Zookoda, this person will DEFINITELY be back since for sure they check their email regularly. On the other hand, without Zookoda, the person might bookmark your site, he might link it on his own to remember it, or he might just flat out forget that it ever existed and never return. Do you really wanna take that chance with a potential long time reader??


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