Bestest Blog of the Day: 02/16/2007

The Wooden Porch
...a review by Jessie

You might want to go take a seat on The Wooden Porch because it is the Bestest Blog of the Day! The Wooden Porch is a cozy corner in the blogsphere. You can find a perfectly mixed combination of humor, seriousness, education, and just plain fun. The Wooden Porch is one of my favorite hangouts and I hope it becomes one of yours!

When you visit The Wooden Porch expect to find occassional public service announcements. The Wooden Porch is dedicated to stopping the insanity of visual verification. Hopefully people will take the advice bestowed and our eyes and blood pressure levels will return to normal someday soon!

Some of my favorite posts from The Wooden Porch include Clever little rhymer. This post had me laughing as she described how her daughter found a word that rhymed with bucket... I also enjoy all of the posts regarding book reviews. A couple of the books in my too be read pile have come from suggestions at The Wooden Porch.

I do hope you will stop by The Wooden Porch. Take the time to sit and visit for a bit. I promise you won't have to manage the maze of comment verification to chat a bit. Make sure to let them know that Jessie from Who Are We and The Bestest Blog of All Time sent you!


Oh my goodness, that's ME! Thank you so much and why is that word verification still on? ;-) (just kidding)
Skittles said…
I LOVE her blog!!! Terrific choice Jesse!
Janet C. said…
Yep I go there quite often.
Congratulations WP.
Gene Bach said…
It's a good blog for sure! Do yourself a favor and check it out folks.
momofthree said…
Excellent blog!
Greg said…
AWESOME!!!! It's a must read.
restyled home said…
She is my all time favorite blog. We share the same sense of humour so she always makes me laugh. She is "spit out your coffee" funny!!

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