Today's the last day to get your submissions in for the next edition of the "Bestest Blog Carnival." The theme this time around is "Your Favorite Meme" and submissions are due by midnight tonight! Click here if you are ready to submit...then check back Monday for all the magnificent memes!


alethegoodsoul said…
I know it’s been a long time since I’ve visited. I know, I know. Don’t hate me or anything of the sort. I’ve been busy! I’ve been so busy in fact that I even changed my blog, my blog address, my writing and allll that other stuff that I used to do during my blogging days. I’m back! Here’s my new address. I hope you swing by and let me know what you think of the changes! (previously

Your kickass friend,

Don’t forget to change your bookmark! I swear I’ll be updating more regularly now! *grin*
Elle said…
I would like to nominate someone for your Bestest Blog Award--and that someone is the host of Colors of Ink Blog- a blog that is dedicated to helping the homeless. Her name is Johnna Crider and here is her blog url
scribbit said…
I submitted via Blog Carnivals and haven't heard back if it was received. Also, two days ago I submitted my site to the blogroll and haven't heard back and was hoping everything was okay with the submission.
Benny said…
I've added your blog to my links, please link back ;)
The Buyer's Guide For Men
I just have to say that I LOVE The Bestest Blog Carnival. I mean, it's such a great way to get more exposure for something that's already enjoyable. :)

I can't wait to see the new one. I usually promote the heck out of the Carnival, seems to work, I think!


R2K said…
scribbit said…
I added your blog to my blogroll three days ago and still haven't had a response. Sounds like you're not adding links at this time or something?
Bobby Griffin said…
All blogs are added during the weekend...whether you submit them on Friday or Monday they get added on Saturday/Sunday. I am currently doing updates right now!
PoEt said…
Glad to read you add links on the weekends, i just submitted my app the other night, :) glad to be apart of your community finally. You should definitely consider getting mybloglog, youd have a lot of members.

Im hoping you get a carnival together more in my niche', I will be submitting when something strikes my interest.

I am considering making one for Blog about your Blogthey seem pretty nice and straightforward.

Hope to see you stop by, thanks!
LadyBugCrossing said…
I put you at the bottom so I would remember who you are, silly! Otherwise you get mixed in with the rest and I'd probably never get back here....
Jay said…
At the risk of getting virtual tomatoes thrown at me...a meme, whats a meme?
mc jabzter said…

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