HAPPY NEW YEAR Special Offer!

Hey guys, happy new year! You guys really are the bestest bunch of readers a blogger could ever ask for. So, to bring in the New Year, I am offering to anyone who makes a $20 premium blog donation (or more) a bonus of $07 for TODAY ONLY!! (get it 20 and 07 = 2007!). Hope everyone enjoyed their night and has had a great start to a hopefully great year!


Happy New Year! May this year be happy, successful and prosperous for you :)
Jessie said…
Thanks for taking part in the PPP carnival. Happy New Year Bobby!
Chris said…
Rats! I was about an hour early with my donation :-(

Did it come through ok?

Happy new year to you Bobby.
Mimi Lenox said…
Happy New Year Bobby! Sounds like a plan. Expect my article in a while.
happy new year bobby! bee
Dr. A said…
Happy New Year!
April said…
Now it will take me the next six months to adjust to writing a new year... but have a happy new one!!
FoxxFyrre said…
Hi Bobby
Wishing you and yours the best in the new year.
All the best
NMOTB said…
Hi Bobby

I have done a payment thingy for the premium blog! I was not sure if there was a specific amount? Happy new year and take care!

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