Ok, so here are the details for the contest I mentioned briefly yesterday. The winner will receive his or her choice of prize either:
(1) $10 Premium Blog Credits OR
(2) Double Premium Blog Credits on any donation

So, either $10 for free, or if you wanna donate $20 and have it doubled to $40, that is an option too.

How to play...
Hidden amongst the vast collection of blogs rotated by the Random Blog button is a new blog I just created. On that blog is a codeword. First one to email me ( with that codeword is the winner. So, you can literally earn $10 just by surfing random blogs like you always do! This blog might come up first, it might come up 500th...that's the fun of the randomness!

All I can say about the contest blog is you'll know it when you see it. And don't try searching for it or anything. All the important words on the page, I typed up in an image and uploaded. That means that all the buzz words (i.e. bestest or premium) will not be found in any kind of search. Also, I did not use this Blogger account to create the blog, so it will not appear in my profile.

Good luck and I hope you have fun!


Hi there just wanted to drop a comment saying thanks for linking me on your site Bobby.
Anonymous said…
I found it straight away - but i don't want to spoilt it for both your fans Mr Griffin - should I stay quiet?
R2K said…
Aww I was still looking, is the contest over? :)
Anonymous said…
No - I was joking - I could not find my head in a hat!

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