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My blog here is very dedicated to helping other bloggers increase their traffic. In fact, it may be the only blog of its kind. There are other WEBSITES out there that help bloggers, but they aren't themselves blogs. Two of these such websites are BlogExplosion and BlogMad. Below are some statistics comparing these two sites with my own. As you guys know, I am a math teacher, so numbers are my thing! I was doing these comparisons just out of my own curiosity and thought I'd share the results with you.

In this comparison I'm using Technorati to chart how much each site has been blogged about in the past year. After all, if you find a site that you're happy with, chances are you may write about it to tell your readers. (Please note the different labellings on the vertical axis).

First up is BlogExplosion. A pretty consistent total throughout the past year, but definitely a downward trend.

BlogMad looks like it was REALLY popular back in February and March, but has since lost some steam.

Finally, we have my site. As you can probably gleen from the graph, I haven't even been around a whole year. I started in July. You can almost pinpoint different points in my blog's history. For example, I went on vacation the first week of August and my computer crashed in early November...you can see where the graph dips in these places.

Conclusion: Though certainly more popular earlier in the year and maybe in the summer as well, BlogMad and BlogExplosion are expressing downward trends. My site however appears to be on the up and up. Currently, all sites appear to be about equal at approximately 10 posts per day.

My spin: There's no doubting that these sites still have me beat overall, but the trends are certainly in my favor. Plus, I am rationalizing to myself by saying that I'm just one guy, while these sites are run by a company.


Morgen said…
I was going to say -- then you said it in your last line -- that those sites are run by companies, while you are one person. With some fabulous, dedicated guest bloggers, of course, but still - one man steering the ship.
Chris said…
There is no comparison:

Since donating to Bestest blog, my daily traffic has trebled, but more importantly it's better quality traffic. Sure, a lot people still shoot through in '0 seconds' (Thats a bit of a snap judgment, but still) but random button bloggers have made comments, or read through several pages.

I've tried both of those credit based hit-exchanges & got tired of them in less than a week. No-one ever stopped at my blog long enough to do anything other than earn their credit. Don't blame them, just stating a fact, as I found myself doing the same thing.

Once I can start PPP, I shall push both of my blogs a little higher on the lists :-D
Morgen said…
Chris -- if you have sitemeter, getting a 0 (zero) doesn't necessarily mean the person spent zero time at your site, esp if they came from the Random Blog button. It just means they didn't click on anything within your blog while they were there.
One hint: try referencing previous posts sometimes within your own blog, and linking to those previous posts within the text. It may "capture" some of those bloggers who just read what is on their current screen then move on!
(hey, it's worth a try!)
Dr. A said…
If anyone wants definitely proof on the Bestest Blog Effect, just look at my numbers. I started about seven months ago, and my spike occurred right after I was named Bestest Blog in September.

I used to have my stats closed off, but now I'm proud to show them off. Curious? Then, come on over to check out Doctor Anonymous' stats. Thank you Bobby and Bestest Blog!
Bobby Griffin said…
What Morgen said is exactly right. The way sitemeter and other programs work are they keep track of each time a user loads their image/script. Another thing that some do (sitemeter does) is keep track of any external clicks as well to other sites from yours.

So, when a user initially comes to your site, it loads and they note that. But if the user stays 2 minutes and clicks to another page on your blog or clicks a link, it will record that and update the time accordingly.

However, if someone surfs over from the Random Blog Button, stays 2 minutes (or more) reading the front page of your blog ONLY and clicks away via the Random Blog Button again, it will show up as 0 seconds. Though they are clicking a link, the link is not actually on your page (it is on a frame ABOVE your page), so the script does not notified to update the time.

Even then it's not a perfect system. For example if a user has javascript disable, it will register his initial visitor but cannot keep track of any outclicks he makes. Plus, if you've ever tried to run simultaneous statistics programs on the same site, you'll see there are many glaring differences.

So, take stats with a grain of salt. Remember these are really an estimate, and you should round UP to find your actual stats. There's no way they could say someone was there when they weren't...but they could miss reporting someone who stopped by briefly.

Hope this helps!
Anonymous said…
It's interesting to note that as of "bestest" start up in july the other blog sites have tapered down. This is really noticeable on the blog explosion's chart. I guess people recognize a good thing when they see it, Bobby. Keep up the good work! RWG
Starrlight said…
Oh Bestest totally increased my traffic. First when I signed up and then again, quite a lot, after I got Blog of The Day. I am on Blog Explosion and frankly they don't see to do that much for me. I think because they are a corporation, little blogs get lost in the shuffle.

oh and if this is a dup comment, kill it Bobby. Blogger is not letting me comment easily today.
Chris said…
Cheers Morgen & Bobby, its good to learn something new.

I thought people were leaving quickly - its not that bad.... ;-)
Paul said…
Ah, you math teachers. Two graphs have a vetical axis to 60, and one to 30. Nevertheless, you should be proud.
Anonymous said…
Tell us how you get traffic. ben@benmatheny.com
Bobby Griffin said…
Paul, if you read carefully I said "Please note the different labellings on the vertical axis." The labels were automatically generated by Technorati, if I could have chose them, I would've made them the same.
Rose said…
I just wanted to congratulate you for all the work that you put into your site.
R2K said…
: ) Keep it up! How many hits do you get a day?
Lex Luthor said…
Bobby, I'm with you all the way! After playing the games at BlogSoldiers, BlogMad, I have become tired of getting the credits to get the exposure. When I go to find out where I am getting traffic these days, you are always there for us. Thanks Bobby.
Pickled Eel said…
You can see the impact your site has had in a graph here It shows the initial random blog impact. The next day the Blog of the Month kicked in - another story.

I think there are a few other variables not mentioned above that contribute to the success of your site. They include:

1. A simple concept easily grasped in one sitting. Hands up those who had to read Technorati at least twice before they "got it"? I thought so.

2. A creation of community.

3. A person behind the site, not a collection of geeks working for a billion dollar NASDAQ behemoth. This variable touches on the previous and impacts on most others - we are dealing with another blogger who is as equally infected by this blogging virus, maybe more so.

4. Insisting on maintaining content standards. I respect that. I suspect others do as well.

5. You appear to be an honest broker - insofar as I can tell on the net. For all I know you could be one of Morgen's cats! :-)

6. Your generosity with information about how we can fine tune our blogs and otherwise "sharing the love"

7. Everyone is treated the same and not made to feel like the new kid on the block even when the blog is only two days, or two months (!) old.

8. The Random Blog tool!

Serr8d said…
What you want to see is a comparison of the sites on the same graph, as I did in the screenshot here, from Alexas.

You're doing a fine job, by the way, Bobby~!
Thanks Bobby... you've certainly increased my readership. I enjoyed the stats, explanations and graphs - yours, Pickled Eels and Serr8d's.
ChuaCH said…
What have you done to get more traffic for your blog?

I would like to know more from you.


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