Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/10/2007

The Rhetorical Letter Writer
When the Rhetorical Letter Writer first applied for my link exchange, his link to my site was broken. So, I informed him (like I do everyone else with broken links) and wondered if he would fix it (unlike a lot of bloggers who don't/can't). In the process of checking his site for my link, I fell in love with it and PRAYED that he would fix the link so I could write about him!

The premise of the blog is that he writes hilarious rhetorical letters to various people. Sometimes I feel inadequate as a reviewer, because no matter what I write will pale in comparison to the actual site itself. So, instead what I often do is just pick out a couple of posts that I particularly enjoyed in hopes that you will enjoy them as well:
-Dear Whoever Said, "Close Only Counts In Horseshoes and Hand Grenades"
-Dear Rappers
-Dear Burger King
-Dear Jesus
-Dear Brett "The Hitman" Hart

Ok, I just started at the most recent posts and did my favorites and basically ended up doing 2/3 of the posts in the past month! There is a year of rhetorical letters waiting for us! I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I do, this is definitely going into my regular visits!


good year
Ivor Bigun said…
best blog of all time?
sorry but i just can't believe that. it's a very bold statement to make, isn't it?
Sanni said…
Great choice! I´m still laughing about the "Dear Jesus"-letter =)

(Another) well deserved BBOTD!
Bobby Griffin said…

Try typing 'best blog of all time' (or 'bestest blog of all time') into Google and see what they think on the matter!
Starrlight said…
What is with the anonymous twerps and their "my dick is bigger than yours"...oh wait, that is "my blog is better than yours" routine...
tiggerprr said…
That is truly an awesome blog! I'm glad they fixed their link! ;)

Awwwe give ivor a hug. Clearly, he was neglected and feels the need to make himself feel better by anonymously attacking other people. ::hearts and butterflies::
Blogroll maintenance is such a pain in the ass. There needs to be a law that when someone stops blogging or upgrades to a new url they have to e-mail you and tell you.
BluegrassBaobab said…

Joined your random blog roll last night, but there was a link error on my site to yours. Just to let you know it has been fixed.
News and pictures of Brazil!
jessica said…

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matthew said…
This is a good one. Originaland very funny.
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