Rerun Sunday: 12/10/2006

The Ordinary Advertures of Tomas
So, you know how kids create an imaginary friend when they don't have any other friends to play with? Well, what if an imaginary friend didn't have any other friends to play with...well, you'd get Tomas and his ordinary adventures.

Ok, that description makes this blog sound kind of childish, but I couldn't think of a better way to write it without giving away too much. Let's just say, it's certainly good for a laugh. But trust me, you'll enjoy yourself more if you check it out and figure it out for's a really creative concept!

It's kind of like a comic strip, though there are no drawings (damn, I'm really being mysterious here). Anyway, after browsing through them for the past hour or so, I thought I'd post a few of my favorites for you to check out (hopefully you'll look at all these and more!): Doubting Tomas, The Other Side, Doppleganger, and Self Portrait.

Sometimes the blogs I feature have a fair share of readers already, and I just help to add to that (in the immediate future and in the long run), this is not one of those blogs. Despite the fact that I think this is a really cool blog, certainly better than the average, this blog hasn't eclipsed 16 readers in a single day this past entire month.

So, go check out "The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas" and let's see if we can't obliterate that record for this and many days to come.
P.S. Who is it that sent you again?!?


Meany•Quinn said…
Good Choice!
msquared said…
yes it is a good choice if I do say so myself
Bobby Griffin said…
lol, are you trying to be punny again??
Goncalo Veiga said…
;) Sorry about that thing the other day!

Both great choices!
Skittles said…
I recently discovered Tomas and love it.

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